Heat Survive Knicks Come Back 106-98; Post-Game Analysis With Leaving It All On The Court, A Heat Blog

The Knicks, in last night’s lost to the Heat, continued to demonstrate why their relentless nature will keep them in games and possibly lead to a playoff berth this season.  For a post-game analysis we continue our Q&A with Diego, the blogger for Leaving It All On The Court, who offers us a Heat fan’s perspective of the game and both teams.  You’ll find it interesting that his perspective does not differ much from that of many Knicks Fanatics.  Is it that obvious? (Check Leaving It All On The Court for my Q&A response and analysis. Also check out last night’s LBE which featured Tman, O&B, Peaceman, FeltOff, Prince, DLT, Cooley and Lives).

KnicksvMiamiWadeStatKFB: Did you learn anything new about the Heat or the Knicks last night?

DIEGO: I have seen all Heat games this season with the exception of the meeting against the Memphis Grizzlies. I was disappointed, but not surprised, by the way the Heat played tonight. Miami has shown that it can get complacent and they did just that after playing a very solid first quarter. Wade and James have shown that they can fall in love with the three, and D-Wade was very lucky that that one triple went in for him towards the end of the game.

I haven’t seen that many Knicks games and I was impressed with what I saw. New York actually ran some solid defensive possessions, particularly in the second quarter, and I might like to see the Knicks hire a “defensive coordinator” assistant coach. This team could be so much better if they just put in more effort defensively.

KFB: What was the most critical aspect of this game from a Heat fan’s perspective?

DIEGO: I’d say the rebounding. Miami won the battle of the boards 50-32, and Pat Riley has always said, “no rebounds, no rings.” Take away that electric start for the Heat, and Miami didn’t play that well. The Heat ran far too many disjointed offensive sets and let Raymond Felton get to the lane with his dribble penetration. Three Heat players grabbed 10 rebounds and Wade had nine, though. If the Heat didn’t grab all those boards, New York probably would have won.

KFB: Did Riley ever come out in support of Eric Spoelstra and does the current run of wins cement his future as Heat coach?

DIEGO: He never said anything publicly, and it would have been counterproductive for him to say, “I will not coach this team” amid the team’s struggles. The media would view it as Spoelstra needing his boss to fight his battles for him. Many people believe that Maverick Carter, James’ best friend, leaked information to ESPN’s Chris Broussard saying that Heat players were frustrated with Spo. Some local reporters — Tim Reynolds from the Associated Press among them — have said that James met with Spo and Riley after that report came out. I’m not positive, but think that Riley may have told his players privately that he won’t coach this team. Local reporters say that Riley frequently attends Heat practices.

KFB: What are the Heat going to do when the game slows down during the playoffs and the bigs become a greater factor in the pace and style of play?

DIEGO: In the first round of the playoffs, I expect the Heat to continue to get out on the break. Miami can do that against an opponent like Milwaukee or New York if these two teams meet in the playoffs. I do see Boston and Miami on a collision course in the Eastern Conference, though. The Celtics are a very disciplined team. I see the Heat doing a lot of pick-and-rolls — especially when Shaq is on the court — and feeding the ball into Bosh in the high post in the half-court, something that Miami did in the third quarter of this game.
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