Hotlinks for the B-Ball Soul, Vol 1. (The Knicks Edition)

This season we’re going to give our Knicks Fanatics Hotlinks or “link dump” article a new look and feel.  As in the past, our hotlinks presentation will be annotated and include some of the most interesting, informative and provocative links of the month. Yes, that means you can expect our hotlinks on a monthly basis at a minimum and in numbered volumes to make them easier to find in the search function.  Previously, our dumps, though chock full of interesting material, were published a bit erratically, but this season we would like our dumps to be a little more regular so that the Fanatic family can know what to expect.  So be sure to check us out at least during the last week of every month during the season.  We will have some great material for you to catch up on from around the blogosphere.  Check out this month’s Knicks links for affirmation and confirmation.  The Knicks Fanatics are back.

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Anthony Randolph, Amare Stoudemire, Danilo Galinari and Wilson Chandler

Group Shot courtesy of @theARandolph: Group shot: @TheARandolph, @Amareisreal, @wilson_chandler and @gallinari8888 #NYK2010

Although, I believe before training camp is far too early to assess teams and to predict win-loss records for an upcoming season, I still love to read the attempts to evaluate a team before the players kiss the floor meaningfully with their sneakers. Amongst my favorite efforts are those written by bloggers every year in response to the “call to reaction”  from Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog.  This pre-pre season, three blogs offered intriguing ideas about the new look Knicks as they look on with hope and raised expectations. My favorite part was the diagnosis by Mike Kurylo of Mike D’Antoni who he claims is afflicted with “gigantophobia” (fear of the big man) which will lead him to alienate Timofey MozGov.   You can find the each blog analysis in the following links.

Posting and ToastingBandwagon KnickKnickerBlogger.Net |

New York magazine is doing a “Better Know A Knick” series in which it profiles the 11 most important Knicks for the upcoming.  So far, the twice weekly series has profiled Bill Walker (11) and Timothy Mozgov (10). They’re worth the read and the tone is perfect for the Knicks fan that wants to believe. (Plus I had no idea that Bill Walker was forced to urinate in a towel in his pants on the sidelines so he could stay and help his team. Wow, that was gutsy.)

Media day was last Friday and some of the most intriguing interviews from media day were videotaped by Tommy Dee of Knicksblog, who has posted them on his viddler account.  We got to hear from a few of the ballers who don’t get as much exposure from the main stream guys.  Two of my favorites are the shorts with Kelunna Azubuike and Danilo Gallinari.  I love that Gallo has become such a smooth interviewee as demonstrated in his response to one writers question about players who complained about D’Antoni’s communication  style.  Without indicting anyone, Gallo made it clear that communication is a two-way street, which contradicts what some non-professional ballers believe; the coach is God and isn’t obligated to say anything to the players about why he is doing what he is doing.  That should settle that issue, but it won’t.


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