Hotlinks for the B-Ball Soul, Volume 3 (The Knicks Edition)

“Only one thing is more powerful than learning from experience,
and that is not learning from experience.” — Sir John Templeton
Free Darko
The above pic is from the new book The Undisputed Guide To Basketball History by the Free Darko collective.  I have no idea how good the book is, but I like their stylized art.
Landry Field’s is coolly solidifying his place in the rotation with calm perpetual hustle.  Something good always seems to happen when he is on the floor and D’Antoni recognizes it, allowing him the opportunity to be a last minute hero in the Knicks’ victory against the Wizards.  Field’s is providing fans an interesting, and seemingly candid, view of his journey through training camp with a rookie blog at the MSG site.  His description of how he felt about marketing day (not media day) is pretty funny and honest:  ” Imagine the scene from Zoolander where he’s dressed up like a monkey and told to dance; that’s a perfect analogy of what today is like.”
GIFs are cool. On the other hand, I guess watching the same thing over and over can make you dizzy especially when the GIFs are not favorable ones.  The Truth About It conjured up a few GIFs of the most recent Knicks-Wizards exhibition — they’re worth checking out for a couple of views but their point of view is definitely not pro-Knick. The GIFs are of Wall breaking us down and a couple of our shots getting blocked.  We need to get our own GIFs.
Seriously, we need a GIF of Turiaf stuffing this turkey:

Larry Johnson and DanLI disagree with DanL more than I do with Statesman, but its fun because he always has something worth disagreeing with but then once in awhile, every polka dotted moon or so, he has something really spot on like this analysis of Chris Mullin as basketball executive. He runs down Mullin’s curriculum vitae and transaction history and lets us know hiring Mullin isn’t necessarily the path to success.   Now only if Dan would stop by more often so I can tell him how wrong he is about the other stuff, like how good a draft choice Gallo was.
Oh, by the way, just in case you didn’t notice David Lee (21 points and 12 boards in a pre-season game)  and Nate Robinson are kicking ass and taking names.