Hotlinks for the B-Ball Soul, Volume 4 (Knicks Edition)


In this edition of Hot Links for the B-Ball Soul we capture a few links paying tribute to and magnifying the beginning of the Knicks’ 2010-11 Season.   While all the reactions were not over the top, burn-the-bras-jubilant, Knicks fans were generally pretty happy to start the season and to start it with a .1000 won-loss percentage.

Seth at Posting and toasting had a nice rather thorough set of game notes, including a hilarious observation about how difficult it is to tell the difference between Landry Fields and Danilo Gallinari unless you had a theatre quality movie screen. . . . ESPN’s Chris Sheridan posted what Steady would probably call a “useful” set of “Quick Reactions.” Most of the observations were fairly obvious, but I guess that is why they’re called “Quick Reactions.”  Sheridan is probably the first national writer to mention Wilson Chandler as a sixth man of the year candidate.  However, that notion will probably fall by the wayside when D’Antoni figures out that Danilo needs to warm the bench during the game tip-off. . . . Raptors Republic offers a compilation of reports on the game, mostly from the Raptor perspective, to go along with a reader’s “morning coffee.” It’s a little late for morning java, but it’s still good and warm.

Among the early season gems is this 7SOM (Seven Seconds Or Mess) offering by Gian featured on Posting and Toasting.  It is a nice breakdown of a late play in the Toronto game.  I love those moving elements on the court diagram. Wilson Chandler looks a little smallish there though. . . .


Off court, Amar’e continues to work overtime as the public face of the Knicks and to take advantage of the vast reservoir of marketing opportunities to stretch his brand. His latest shine happens later tonight on the David Lettermen show where he does his version of the top ten reasons he joined the Knicks. We have a little preview for you. Amar’e knows how to deal with the public, doesn’t he?


To close, we must give a nod to some recent former Knicks who also find themselves in winning situations after one or two games.  As expected, at least initially, the Warrior faithful are happy with David Lee’s production (17 points and 15 boards), but are also learning of his defensive deficiencies as the former Knick continued his double-double legacy in a thrilling win against the Ming-less Rockets.  The game also saw Jared Jeffries (8 bds, 2 stld, 7 pts in 15 minutes) play with Jordan Hill catching a DNP on the bench. . . .Quentin Richardson started for the Orlando Magic in the 112-83 whupping administered to John Wall’s Wizards.  He played 26 minutes and scored 7points with seven boards and 5 assists.  He was joined on the floor by Chris Duhon (7 pts and 3 assist in 19 minutes) who is subbing for the injured sub Jason Williams. Duhon will most likely sit more when Williams return because he insists on walking through the offense when greater temp is Stan’s preference. . . .The Celtics are temporarily at .500 but Nate Robinson got the biggest defense he’s ever had after receiving a technical for unintentionally kneeing seven foot Ryan Hollins; unfortunately Shaq’s attempt to explain the move by Nate to the ref was interpreted as being disrespectful to the game and led to a second tech when the Cavs led by only one point.  The Refs are now a far bigger part of the game and the NBA is showing little respect for the game. . . .