How Are You Keeping Up With Free Agency 2010 Developments?

If you are a sports news junkie and love the bungie rope-like tension of the 224/7 news cycle, the 2010 free agency storyline is heavenly. So much excitement. So much drama.  However, it is easy to understand the angst and unhappiness of fans who want to get to the bottom line, the end result, so that they can focus on their team’s hopefully bright future. Either way though, whether you love the calvacade of rumors and reports or you just hate it and can’t pull away, you still need to find a way to keep up with both the news and the analysis. How do you keep up? Or Not?

Do you take a periodic peek at ESPN’s coverage or are you looking at NBA TV or both? Do you focus on your favorite team blogs or are you following the big commercial sports blogs with alleged insider positions?

If you follow us, thanks, but we get our news like everyone else — from someone else. (although I do think Knicks Fanatics have a pretty good understanding of the whys and hows of the moves made and to be made). Still, I have my fave news sources which is a combination of Twitter, ESPN, NBA.TV and Hoopshype. I like them mainly because they tend to give attribution to stories or offer news closest to finalization.  I like to get my analysis from a few studied folks around the blogosphere and some team specific sites.  Regarding ESPN, I must admit there is something shallow and unimaginative about much of their coverage, but they tend to get the news out the fastest  — although the repitition is a real downer.

How do you get your news and analysis?  Leave a comment and let us know.