Didn’t Watch The All-star Game But Got The Best Highlights Anyway

I don’t like All-Star Games (nor award shows — not enough action), so I didn’t watch the one last night. But, apparently over 108,000 folks like being there and they watched the game with a national TV audience of presently undisclosed size.  So I understand I missed a close game.  It’s a good thing then that everybody and their mama’s cousin wrote about it and there are these videos that tell the highlighted parts of the story.


Oh, how did our boy David Lee do? From the highlights, his performance seemed symbolic of the Knicks’ season. Once he got started, he got blocked. But the boxscore says he did his thing with 12 minutes of time on the floor — 4 points, 2 boards, 3 turnovers 1 assist and a lot of Knicks pride for even being on the floor. Good stuff DLee. Thanks for giving us something good to talk about.