Ides of March Edition Of Bloguin’s MVP & ROY Rankings Is Out

Mookie of A Stern Warning has come up with another funtastic edition of Bloguin’s MVP & ROY (Rookie of the Year) rankings. LeBron James and Tyreke Evans lead the pack. He is a little tease into the rationale of the Bloguin crew. Check the rest out here.


Welcome to the mid-March edition of the NBA Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year rankings. Writers across the Bloguin network have entered their ballots, along with commentary. Take a look at who the favorites are to take out the hardware at season end.

Contributors: Mookie (A Stern Warning); Pace Miller (Pacers Pulse); College Wolf (TWolves Blog); Don (With Malice); Jeff Fox (The Hoops Manifesto); Lives (Knicks Fanatics Blog); Joe Spencer (Barkley’s Mouth); Jeff Garcia (Project Spurs); Brendan Bowers (Stepien Rules); Dave Pustilnik (Da Bull’s Eye); and Sean François (Hoop Heads North).

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

Voters allocated 10 votes for their first choice, through to 1 vote for their tenth choice.

lebron1. LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) – 110 votes

“When you ride a player to the point where you have the luxury to actually sit him by choice because of how far he’s taken you in the season, and then promptly lose the 1st game he sits…I think we have a winner.  The best team in the league is nothing without arguably the best player in the league.” (Da Bull’s Eye)

kobe2. Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) – 87 votes

“Even many former Kobe-haters have converted their ways in the past couple of years. Perhaps “greatest of the past decade” is a title he is undeserved of, but “most dangerous scorer in the league today” is definitely deserved. He is a leader on both ends of the court for a lethal title contending team.” (A Stern Warning)

durant3. Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) – 80 votes

“He very well could lead the league in scoring, and really, he does it all.  The Thunder might have home-court advantage in the playoffs, in the West.  That’s just sick.” (TWolves Blog)


dirk4. Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks) – 74 votes

“Dallas has been on an amazing run.  Yes, a large part of that has been Kidd’s rejuvenation, but Dirk’s the reason they’ve been up near the top for the entire season.” (With Malice)


melo5. Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets) – 66 votes

“Most efficient scorer in the NBA on the only team in the West with a legitimate chance of knocking off the Lakers.” (Pacers Pulse)
“Nuggets winning three in a row and Melo dropped 30 points in each of those.” (Project Spurs)


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