Introducing the Knicks Marvel Comics Style

Without considering the monopolisitic implications of Disney owning ESPN (hence the image of my sports heroes) and now Marvel Comics (my childhood super heroes), the fact that decided to collaborate on this “NBA Teams As Super Heroes Preview” is really cool.    The artists at Marvel created graphics for each team.  Although, I love this pic featuring Amar’e with some of Marvels more famous New York super legends like The Thing (who resides in the Baxter Building), Spiderman (who writes for the Bugle which covers the Knicks better than the Daily News), Ironman, Cyclops and Wolverine (both of X-Men Fame), I can empathize with those who claim ESPN hates the Knicks.

It must be true, because why use the welcome banner in the background to bring up the fact that Amar’e was not our first choice.  That can make a Knicks fan wanna go Bruce Banner multiplied on somebody and turn real green with anger. LOL.  ESPN’s obviously got a love-hate thing going on with the Knicks and now they commissioned Marvel to artistically immortalize it.   Still for a boy who got his vocabularly from Batman episodes and Marvel comics, not just his English teacher, this is fantastic.

I wonder which Marvel character would Amar’e be anyway?  Hulk?  Daredevil?  Silver Surfer? Dr. Doom?

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