Is The Knicks’ Ironside Rolling Or Being Pushed?

Donnieasironside07There is quite a bit of irony in the image of DWalsh now serving as a disabled near septuagenarian (Walsh at 69 years old) administrator in an industry dominated by young, unsophisticated, mis-educated and misguided YOUTHS.

Focus on the YOUTH part of this commentary because, after all, we’re talking about sports and playing ball.

There were $20 Million dollars made by one family (the Dolans of NYC) and approximately $200 Million (in value and future earnings) lost by another (DGilbert of Cleveland) while still another (MArinson in Miami) looms to rake in an untold amount of profit (probably upwards of $145 Million). Missing from the parlors, hyperbole and outrage is the fact that a sextagenarian (Riley at 60-something years old) went in to broker a deal worth 10% of the net. Sure the players “publicly agreed” to take $15 Million less per player. Sure, FL is a no income tax State. Sure, LeTrio only decided over the past few days (after OPTing out of their contracts) that they would be better off chasing a championship as a self-described “Dream Team”. And if you believe that last notion then IThomas did not recently feud with BFF Earvin Magic Johnson. We can go one further and dismiss the possibility that there is a remainder clause (let’s call it a “wink”) implicit in all these transactions. In brokerage, it is called equity share. Look for that nugget in the next CBA if the owners will allow IT. Oh, by the way, AMourning was part of the Due Dilligence team pitching to the threesome–he’s part of the “fabric” after playing there. Do you see where this is going?

Now, back to Ironside and the image of the doting assistant/muscle man named Mark Sanger (played by Don Mitchell). Does Allan Houston fit that script and typology? Is he being groomed by the calculating Chief Ironside (as in DWalsh) to take the helm after fiscal steadiness returns to MSG? Stranger things have happened in the NBA. Three players have opted out of contracts to play with another team leaving a collective $45 Million on the proverbial poker table.

And who’s pushing Chief Ironside’s wheelchair today? The show was created in 1967 (a great year for Cabernets Steady says) and Quincy Jones produced the show’s theme music. (What a score for jazz enthusiasts!) The MSM reports would lead one to speculate that IThomas is on his way back following an NBA-imposed (read Lil’ General 5*) banishment to basketball purgatory–an unpaid college gig at Florida International University in the vicinity of the Miami Heat. Other than having sleeping pills fail, nothing could be more painful. So the script says that if Amaré (noticed how the NYK have found the strokes to give the man his accent aigue?) is truly a CK-coupe (as in a Coach Killer), then both the Chief and his coach will not be around beyond the life of this contract. There are now two Marks pushing Old Chief Ironside off to retirement.

Major league sports are high stake poker lest we forget. And Dan Gilbert would only like to suggest to us that “chickens can’t come home to roost” or “what’s good for the goose ain’t good for the gander”. The rules of engagement clearly have changed. Both owners and players are counting on these truisms: People forget; and Figures lie and liars figure.

Steady figuring IT while Just Bloguin.