It’s what you don’t say.

Anthony Gets Defensive at U.S. Open here in New York!


Carmelo Anthony made yet another appearance in the Big Apple Saturday for the U.S. Open, and then balked at an opportunity to show any loyalty to the Denver Nuggets.

Walking out of Arthur Ashe Stadium soon after arriving for the women’s final, Anthony was tellingly defensive when asked if he was happy with his current team. “Happy as far as what?” Anthony said, wearing shades and walking with his wife, TV personality La La Vasquez, and an entourage. “Why do you want to ask that? I’m in the offseason right now.

“My mind-set is just to enjoy fashion week, enjoy this U.S. Open and that’s it. I’m not really thinking about basketball right now.”

Yeah Right Melo!

New Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire also attended the match between Kim Clijsters and Vera Zvonareva.
This is a very slippery slop here. The article states that New York will have the greatest chance of  obtaining Melo if
he plays out the year in Denver, because we don’t have the right stuff to make Denver say yes. I say Bull. The Nets will
be depleted if they trade Lopez and Harris so that to me is a dead end for Melo. Lets all laugh again at Melo becoming
a Laker. The last thing Melo will do is become Kobe’s Bytch. Hmmm… Amar’e and Melo in the Big Apple together again
to watch ” Kim Clisters and Vera Zvonareva?” That is not exactly Frasier vs Ali. Has anyone noted MSG has been playing the Knicks in 60
a LOT lately showing the last Star SF we had in Bernard King? Watch the “Showcasing of the “Russian, Chandler and Gallo.”
Every day the bar goes down on what the Knicks have to give up to get Melo this year. The question is ” is Denver willing to lose
Melo to FA for nothing?” Remember it’s not OTP until the Knicks annouce the 2010-11 Roster. Add Melo not showing an ounce
of loyalty to Denver should really send the Nuggets chills. Are Walsh & Isiah playing poker with Denver? If so Melo just showed
a Royal Flush! Re-watch the Landry Fields highlights. This Kid has the goods at SG on both ends. LGK!