Knicks (1-2) v. Bulls (2-1) Preview (11/4/10)


New York Knicks

Overall Analysis and Expectations

The Bulls (2-1) are an energetic and aggressive team with an emphasis on the fast break, penetration and defensive pressure.  Coach Thibs has instructed Rose to play the game inside out and be aggressive in penetration.  Knicks must match energy  because unlike Portland, Bulls hustle for rebounds and run, run, run.  This is  the first of three matches against Bulls this season.  They will meet again on Christmas.



Raymond Felton

Toney Douglas

Knicks as a team must be prepared to get back in transition, because Rose is fast and strong.  Rose has grown more confident in his game. Knicks must team defend him and must, must, must keep him out of the paint. . . He will feed Noah in the post often and work a number of back cuts or confidently take jumper. . . .We’re looking for Felton to continue being aggressive to basket, but disadvantage is Bulls length and activity on the inside.


Derrick RoseRose

C.J. Watson



Landry Fields

Bill Walker

Kyle Korver shooting .500 from tre but only scoring 6 pp Scored 11 against Portland in last game.  Plays about 20 minutes per.  Look for good game from Fields, perhaps breakout scoring game off hustle plays. . . .Expect Walker to work hard, hit corner tres, rebound a little, foul a lot. . . .Bogan’s minutes have been declining every game, but he is in purely for defensive purposes to shut down perimeter players. May be used to rattle Gallo even more.


Keith BogansBogans

Kyle KorverKorver



Danilo Gallinari

Anthony Randolph

Deng coming off 40 point effort in win over Blazers.  Thibs has asked deng to become more aggressive and to play closer to the basket.  Deng will drive often, make cuts to basket, and play tough defense, but must not be lulled by tre. . . . Randolph is welcome sight for Knicks after suffering knee sprain.  Randolph must be aggressive to basket and energetic; expect problem to be on defensive end — out of sync with team and overanxious. . . .  Danilo scoring a putrid 6 ppg, still looking for breakout game and to overcome mind meltdown.


Loul Deng Deng

James JohnsonJohnson



Amare Stoudemire



Stoudemire has no peer on the Bulls with Carlos Boozer out until about December.  However, don’t sleep on foul prone Taj Gibson who has 3rd best field goal percentage in league at .655 and is averaging 13 ppg and 4.7 rpg. He recorded double-double in first game against OakCity . . . . Knicks must post Taj and get him out of the game. . . .Thibs likely to double and triple team Amar’e and require Bulls to force him to receive the ball outside the paint.  Studdy needs that pick and roll. He must also pass out and not work with ball from key.  Susceptible to turnovers against long team if he is creating shot’s from 11 feet out. Chandler needs to be aggressive to draw fouls. This team is too good in transition for Chandler to get tre happy and miss a lot of shots leading to long rebounds and outlets for Chicago.


Taj GibsonGibson

James JohnsonJohnson



Timofey Mozgov

Rony Turiaf

Noah is extremely high energy and very active around the boards. He leads league in rebounds with 15.3 rpg. . . . Turiaf and Randolph must match his energy.  Again, expect Mozzy to take an early seat and possibly see Stoudemire working Noah.


Joakim NoahNoah

Omar AsikAsik