Knicks (1-2) v Magic (1-1) Preview (11/2/10)


New York Knicks

Overall Analysis and Expectations

The Magic (1-1) are the elite Eastern Conference team coming off an embarrassing loss to Miami Heat. . . Expect Magic to be intense and relentless from beginning. . .Luxury of playing the game inside out with Howard in the middle and three point shooting corp, looking to regain accuracy, in Lewis, Reddick and Richardson. More on Orlando at following sites: Orlando Magic Daily; Third Quarter Collapse



Raymond Felton

Toney Douglas

Should be aggressive battle with Felton and Douglas applying pressure to slow down Nelson and Williams. Nelson and Williams like to keep a quick pace. Van Gundy spent additional time working on screens, ball movement and passing before this game.   Duhon may come in, but he slows game down considerably.  Expect Douglas penetration and decision making to be critical.  Expect Felton to continue his effort to collapse defenses with penetration. Orlando (like every other team) susceptible ot great defensive pressure. 


Jameer NelsonNelson

Jason Williams



Landry Fields

Bill Walker

Quentin was shut down completely by Heat, but in much better shape and shooting well since leaving Knicks.  JJ Reddick is shooting well from deep and surprises defender by receiving kickouts and driving to basket. Fields and Walker athleticism needed for aggressive defense. Fields and Chandler must rebound to keep Knicks in this game.


Quentin RichardsonRichardson

JJ redickReddick



Danilo Gallinari

Anthony Randolph

Carter is the key to Orlando being one of the best teams in the NBA.  He has been more aggressive to the basket, can score from anywhere on the floor and has been playing defense.  Expect Van Gundy to use 10-11 man rotation, then Pietrus with tre shooting, energy to play. Anthony returns from injury with chance to refine bad shot selections.  He is best going to basket.  Danilo still should come off the bench though Knicks need tre shooting from him.  Guarding Carter may be too much to ask.


vince Carter Carter





Amare Stoudemire

Stoudemire beginning to find it more difficult inside as he is getting doubled and triple teamed.   He is missing the pick and roll relationship he had with Nash.  Must begin to pass out and not work with ball from key.  Susceptible to turnovers against long team if he is creating shot’s from 11 feet out.  Chandler needs to be aggressive to draw fouls but may be lulled into more tre’s because of size inside and doubles on Amare.  Expext Rashard Lewis to rain three pointers and mid-range jumpers.



Brandon BassBass



Timofey Mozgov

Rony Turiaf

Howard and Gortat are the toughest combined assignment possible for our centers. Howard is nearly impossible to stop inside. He has added a spin move, a hook and short range jumper to repertoire. Gortat capable and a good rebounder. Expect the ball to go into Howard and not to go out. Difficult to double team because of great outside shooters. Best chance is to foul Howard since his Ft shooting is horrendous. Expect Mozzy to take an early seat and possibly see Stoudemire on Howard.


Dwight HowardHoward