Knicks Beat Wolves 121-114: Post-View Q and A with TWolves Blog

Amar’e just keeps rolling and the Knicks just keep winning as they beat back the feisty Minnesota Timberwolves to extend their winning streak to five.  And being the cool dude he is, our man College Wolf, of TWolves Blog, instead of cowering in the corner, he steps back into the penthouse to offer his post-nalysis of the situation. You can also check out our post-game Q&A responses to their questions at Wolves-Knicks Recap with Knicks Fanatics.

Knicks Fanatics Blog: What did you learn about the Twolves in their game against the Knicks?

College Wolf:  Learn about the T-Wolves.  I dunno, tough to say to be honest without Darko.  Well, actually, saying that… I just learned that we really really really really need Darko healthy.  He’s  been that great for us this year.  Maybe you don’t believe in him after his 8 short minutes, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that he’s probably the best center the Wolves have ever had.  You heard me right, check it up (KG never played center either.)  I also learned that no one on else on our team can guard Amar’e.  Lastly, and I already suspected it, but I learned it doesn’t matter how many points we score because we can’t play a lick of defense. 

Oh, and I learned the Knicks can shoot the ball damn well when they are on. And they have been “on” lately.

KFB: What was the most critical aspect of this game from a Twolves fan’s perspective?

CW: Losing Darko.  Not to harp on this, but he played 8 great minutes.  We have no other centers.  Pekvoic is a large PF, and fouls at an insane rate, hence he can’t stay on the court.  Anthony Tolliver is hurt.  Darko and Love were the two guys we couldn’t afford to play without tonight under any circumstances.  Bummer.

KFB: Where do you expect the Twolves to finish this year and what will they look for in this year’s lottery?  LOL.

CW: I predicted 26 wins this pre-season, I believe.  Easy to say “coulda, woulda, shoulda”, but we could quite easily have 4-5 more wins right now.  Being that we don’t, 26-ish wins is probably about our best bet if we stop giving away games (two games late to the Spurs after being up 20 points, for example.)  I also wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with like 18 wins, although I highly doubt that happens.  We are finally getting healthy again (well, minus Darko tonight.)

For the draft, the Wolves need to do everything they can to land an “alpha” talent.  Is Harrison Barnes that guy?  I had thought so but he’s been brutal lately for UNC.  Beasley *might* be that guy, but he needs someone to help him offensively.  Trade our assets (picks, other players, whatever) to move up in the draft if we have to.  Rubio + alpha talent + Beasley + Love + Darko + Wes Johnson… I like that.

KFB: What is more likely, Darko and Rubio engaged in a snowball fight as teammates in December 2011 or Rubio slamming the door in David Kahn’s face in Spain in July 2011?

CW: 100% Rubio and Darko loving each other next year.  We’ve got no other capable PG’s.  Flynn is a project coming off surgery, and I’m not high on him anyways.  He’s more like a “Shoint Guard”, and it’s much of a floor general.  If Rubio comes here, he’ll have every opportunity to get the lions share of the PG minutes.  I think he’d be crazy to pass that up, and he knows that we aren’t going to just give away his rights if he wants to go play for some big market or whatever.