Knicks Fall To Blazers But Show Some Fire In Loss

Trailblazers Trail Blazers 100 (3-0, 2-0 away) Knicks Knicks 95 (1-2, 0-1 home)

Box Score »   

1 2 3 4 T
Trail Blazers 26 18 30 26 100
Knicks 19 25 30 21


“It was out of bounds off me for sure. I don’t know if there was contact on the initial drive. Sometimes Camby puts his hand on you and stops you from driving, then goes for the block. I think everybody knows that now in the league but the officials.”– Amar’e Stoudemire

“We’re still trying to build that chemistry.  I am who I am, Steve Nash is who he is. Steve Nash did it his way. I do it my way.” — Raymond Felton

“We just didn’t score. Some things went against us and we just didn’t put the ball in the hole.” — Mike D’Antoni


— Check out some of the following game reactions to get a broad feel for what was a exciting, infuriating but hope inspiring home opener:

— I know we lost and I know why we lost — some of our guys blame the coach and I guess that’s right if he decided that Stoudemire with the ball at the key was the right option for a game-ender — but I put that more on the players for not executing at that point and recognizing that Studdy is a turnover machine when starting that far from the basket to create a shot.  There’s gotta be another end game option.  Still, I know we lost, but I enjoyed the action and participating in a back-to-back LBE, although my family which needs Daddy-time this Halloween weekend wasn’t really happy.  So, since I got tricked last night, they get treated tonight.

— Speaking of a treat, the LBE, hosted by Orange and Blue was hilarious as usual.  Our home opener LBE was elevated with visits from AntiNYSN, Peaceman, BARF, Steady, Prince, Lives, Modi, and JoeR. (a newbie me think).  Oh crazy ass Ali-G popped up too.

— I’ll post some other comments later this evening, but I’ve got to let you other Fanatics handle it this morning.  I’ve already spent too much of the weekend on the Knicks. I’ll be back later.