The Ship be Not Sinking (It’s just setting sail and we may like where it goes)!

[Editors note: This excellent thread is from a recent comment from Knicks Fanatics, Cooley High, who  thought it's time to bring a little levity to the ship be sinking chorus that at times rumbles in these here parts. The original comment can be found in the post game recap of the Celtics v. Knicks preseason game written by Knicks Fanatics, Lives in New Jersey Loves New York. Cooley High's article is essentially also a reply to Knicks Fanatics, Peaceman's, post recap article of the Knicks preseason loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves over in France. On the other hand Knicks Fanatics, Statesman, serves up a strong defense of Peaceman.]


A week or two ago, we were treated to the Silly Season and Child Like maniacal discourse when OUR KNICKS went down to the Twolves, who by the way are undefeated in the preseason, and beat the living shyte on Melo and his Nuggets. Will the Twolves win the Chip, probably not in my lifetime. Are the Nuggets really that scrubby with the Melo-Fellow, Nah, I doubt it seriously.

Are OUR BELOVED KNICKS going to win the chip anytime soon, probably not, but we’re headed in the right direction. I often laugh when I read some of this stuff you guys right. The Lakers do not have one PG that is proficient at penetrating the Defense, nor did the Chicago Bulls in their hey day (unless there are some clips of Paxson & Kerr & Hodges & Armstrong I’ve missed), but a lot of chips were won because of interchangable parts. Just like Kobe, MJordan, SPIPPIN, LODOM were the primary penetrators for their teams, Chandler, Fields, ARANDY (when or if he slows down and let the game come to him verse forcing the action) have shown they have the ability to do the same for this team, with good coahcing and time.

Just lik Amare did lst night from the top of the key. There are so many different ways to break down a defense and make it contract. Now I am not foolish enough to equate some of our talent with the two championship teams I mentioned, but with this roster there are similiarities to the Bulls Roster and some elements of the Lakers sytle of Play. No dominate Big Man (Lakers the Exception in this area due to highly skilled big men)really talented wing players surrounding a The Ultimate BBALL MEGA-STAR (Now that’s STAT).


BBALL is a game of feel, angles, movement, but more importantluy it is a game that is beautifully orchestrated when there is familiarity and confidence in your teammates. How anyone could expect any TEAM on this level to perform at a high level in any/all areas after four weeks, doesn’t know much about the game. When you exclude ECURRY, only TD, Chandler, Walker (I o ly added him for accuracy sake), & Gallo have played any reasonable amount of time together, and considering their inconsistent existence together, that ain’t much.


You see when D!Idiot said his TEAM was young, he was not setting up an excuse he was right on point. It takes time for any TEAM to Mesh and become ONE, just like a Marriage, a Band, a Singing Group, or a unit or Team at IBM selling CRM. If you think adding Melo or CP3 separately or on the same day, will change that, not likely, because the same dilemna will exist until they and their teammates become more familiar with one another. Upgarde in talent yes, but does that translates to wins, hardly. You can ask Mrs.LECON WADE… The Big 3 will expereince similar difficulties, but their curve will be shorter due to the fact their top three playeres have played together so that does help some. You can win regular season games with great talent, you do not win Chips unless you’re a REAL TEAM…

In conclusion, for me, the fact that their healthy, appear to have a really good work ethic, much more athletic then the last two Teams we watched in horror, and they have demonstrated a greater desire to work on the Defensive End, and What I like most, their competitive juices, which were on dsiplay in the 4th qtr (depsite their mistakes, what a good expereince for them against 4 seasoned All-Star players when you include JONEAL, verses a team of five Subs that has only played together for 3 weeks maximum) gives them a fighting chance to improve and possibly contend for Playoff Spot when they truly Become One Team. That Gentlemen takes some time. Oh by the way Gents, if I was coaching OUR TEAM last evening, I also would not have shown the Celtics shyte in terms of what OUR TEAM will or may do during the season. Never tip your full hand to a division foe in the preseason…