In Peaceman’s Defense (Has Peaceman Lost His Mind?)

2-games into the preseason and Peaceman is jumping ship. Is he crazy? Is he overreacting? Is it too early to be critical of the Knicks?

I ask, what took Peaceman so long? This was a 28-32 win team at the start of training camp. The following are the reasons why:

1)EVERY position on the court is based on how well you score. In other words if you are defensive-minded, you will not start, and more than likely you will not play. The lack of balance between offense and defense is too great!!

2)SSL is based on a quick, fast, or athletic team. If you look at the projected starting five, only Felton has hard to match speed or quickness. Danillo at the 3 is slow, Chandler at the 2, has average quickness at best. Turiaf or the Russian at the 5 or average athletes. Amare has an advantage at the 5 (where he’s done most of his damage), but as a 4 his quickness does not create the mismatch. With the lack of athletic advantage, this team can’t out run opponents and will have to play more traditional half-court sets. We know D’Antoni abhors traditional basketball.


3)Felton has speed and quickness, but when playing up-tempo he is out of control, and a below average player. As I mentioned before the HOF-coach coached him up last year in the walk it up system. There’s a reason no team offered him a three year contract.

4)Finesse team in an increasing physical conference. Having a team that is based on jump-shoots does not generate enough trips to the free-throw line. Amare is not a post-up player. No quick scores, no free-throws, this team will have to work for baskets.

It appears that some are attempting to silence dissent for the sake of harmony. Should Fanatics ignore the evidence, ala Eddie Long’s congregation, or simply pretend that things are ok, ala CBC regarding Obama? Peaceman may be crazy, but he’s also right this time.
As we know it is very rare for Peace to be correct, so let him have his day in the Sun

Peace & Blessings