Knicks Fanatics Are Looking For Women Writers

Lady Fanatics, we need you. We are looking for a smart, passionate, B-Ball savvy woman Fanatic to share knowledge, insight and a different perspective on the Knicks and B-Ball.  The Knicks blogosphere has a dearth of woman voices, but we know that Knicks female fans are as passionate and usually more rationale than the men fans. If you (or anyone you know) are interested in hanging out with the boys or boosting your (their) sports writing and radio career, contact us at

Knicks Fanatics is a rapidly growing community of diverse, creative and very intelligent bball enthusiasts and Knicks fans.   Our community is filled with writers, most of whom populate the comments section and show up in the penthouse from time to time.  Our main bloggers are founders Peaceman, O&B and Lives (a/k/a Admin) and our rising star, newbie, who also produces our hit radio show, Aaron Hodges.

To be clear, wimpy girls need not apply.  No, it is not sexist because we don’t take wimpy men either.  They can populate the comment section if they dare, but no chumps in the penthouse.  We need strong, smart, overconfident, opinionated folks (or someone who can fake the funk) who can withstand the barrage of LaFamilia led by the likes of Statesman, Paul, DLT and Post-Up Prince.  We want someone like GuysGirl who is daring and savvy enough to post something like this:



You Gotta Love It.  Come on.  It’s time to bring smart sexy back. We can’t do it alone. Bring your talents to our beach.