Knicks Fanatics Blog Calls For Contributing Writers

Knicks Fanatics Blog is growing and getting too big and too busy for me to handle practically alone, even with the occasional great penthouse pieces by other Fanatics such as Statesman, O&B and Peaceman.  Consequently, we are looking for new writer(s) to help us keep up with the daily happenings in the NBA and with the Knicks. If you are interested in having your voice heard by a growing intelligent  and discriminating  audience, please submit an inquiry or application to 

Qualifications: The writer must be an intelligent, thoughtful Knicks fan with a little creative side.   The writer will not be selected based on his or her Knicks politics.  It does not matter whether the scribe is a liberal, conservative, human rights activist or Gullible.  The writer simply needs to be thoughtful and ready to fervently defend or quickly abandon his or her opinion.  Fear and avoidance are not acceptable options here unless you have been a Fanatic for more than two years — in that case you would not know fear and avoidance is really a passive aggressive way to tell someone their opinion isn’t worth the screen they typed it on.

Hours: We need writers willing to contribute frequently, like three to four times a week.   During the season we seek to provide information and provocative takes on whatever is happening with or about the Knicks.  We actually deal with anything that touches our fancy but 99% of the time it has at least a tangential relationship to the Knicks or the NBA.  We try to publish something new at least once daily although all of our writers have at least one job where they make real money.  Contributors will also be asked to rep Fanatics by visiting other sites; to write some game recaps and Hotlinks offerings; to become familiar with Ballhype, twitter and other social networking sites; and to consider taking out one or two of the stylish “Comment Women” who host and monitor the comment sections.
Compensation: The job is a non-paying labor of love, unless you count critical responses as a fair wage.   You are expected to write just because you love putting your ideas, thoughts and opinions about the Knicks onto the lighted-screen and in front of  very opinionated readers. 

How To Apply: Send a letter or an e-mail telling us about yourself, your passion for the Knicks, your desire to write and your qualifications (need not be anything heavy).  Or better yet, write a post and we’ll do the American Idol thing and let the readers do some judging.   Ultimately, the writer will be vetted by Fanatics based on posts and applications from the prospects.  The posts (and applications) will be published during the search period and Fanatics will be asked to select the best candidates.  The absolutely final decision probably will be made by the executive committee of me, myself and I at the next Meeting of Selves.
Special Note To Certified Fanatics: Certified Fanatics are always welcome to submit articles or comments that you think qualify as articles to  LIVES via e-mail ( or the comment section, as long as you advise me that the comments are for penthouse consideration. More often than not, I do not have the time to engage in the entire process of converting comments to articles, without the writer’s assistance and stated desire for his or her comment to be elevated for target practice and discussion. As others, such as Statesman, Peaceman and O&B, will confirm, I will willingly assist anyone, given sufficient lead time, in dressing up articles with photographic accoutrements.

Something You Should Know: Knicks Fanatics’ objective is to be the best, most unusual blog and home for the critical (not “hopeful”) New York Knicks fan or observer,  We respect few conventions, believe that the comment section should be better than the penthouse posts and do not count mass approval as a priority or an indicator of quality.  We write what we write because we know we’re right or because it’s just a lot of fun to piss off people who aren’t as smart as they act –like it takes a freakin’ geneticist to run a team incompetently or to be a snarky, half-wit, humorless reporter or blogger.  Give me a break, that shyte isn’t that hard.  We’re serious but we don’t take ourselves too seriously, usually.  And we know that at some point during the week, a lot of people in the blogosphere are going to miss something really special happening here, and we think that special can be you.  Let’s do this. Plus you just might be my retirement plan.

Deadline: All applications should be submitted by Sunday, March 19, 2010.