Knicks Fanatics’ Open Call For The Pick-Em 2010 NCAA Challenge

PEACEMAN and LIVES invite you, the Knicks Fanatics and friends, to join us in our new tradition, the annual NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge.  This year we will compete against each other in the Knicks Fanatics Blog group in the Yahoo Sports Tourney as shown in the invitation below.   If you want to join us and test your college basketball knowledge against the best, just send an e-mail request for a personal invitation to Lives at

Peaceman, Lives, O&B, Post-Up Prince, JayBee and any other Fanatics who want to join us, are issuing a special challenge to the Force MDs including Harlem, Bronx, Steady, Cooley, Statesman, Modi and DLT (D stands for “in D.C.” right?).  Peaceman is absolutely positive that our collective college basketball knowledge is far superior to anyone who is living south of Newark Delaware and he is willing to try to prove it once again.  (If I recall correctly didn’t JayBee kick everybody’s buttocks last year and Peaceman was in dead. . . ?).  Anyway, come out of hibernation and take this arse whuppin like your Knicks you transplants to Maryland (hence ForceMDs for the uneducated).

The invitation also extends to our newest Fanatics, Shon, Big Daddy, Auggie and others.  It’s a lot of fun watching the scores, being engaged in the games and seeing the talent that won’t be on the Knicks next year because we sold our youth for a game of LeNot-so-good-chance.  Come on guys, check out the brackets and figure out if you can handle the challenge.  We’ll keep score on the blog for the world to see.   In addition to bragging rights, the winner gets a free Knicks Fanatics T-Shirt, probably the first one to ever be worn (no guarantee that it will fit).

Bragging rights. Hmmm.  Come to think of it, I extend the challenge to DanL and Knicksfanblog to start their own Yahoo group so we can see how much you folks really know about basketball.  Perhaps you can redeem yourselves for taking so long to be slightly critical of the mess that Donnie Walsh has exacerbated. Oh wait, you haven’t been critical yet, huh.  We look forward to e-seeing you at the brackets.  LOL.


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Yahoo! Sports Tournament Pick'em

PEACEMAN and LIVESINNEWJERSEY would like fellow FANATICS and friends to join their group in Yahoo! Sports Tournament Pick’em!

If you are interested in joining, e-mail LIVES at for the Knicks Fanatics Blog Group ID# and password.

Knicks Fanatics: We Know What’s Good

– Tournament Pick’em Commissioner

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