Knicks Final 2010 Serenade Of LeBron Will Be Without Witness Shaq Who May Be Lost For Season

”I had a chance to work with Donnie Walsh. He’s a terrific guy. I love Donnie Walsh and whatever he does is probably great for whoever he is with.”Coach Mike Brown on Knicks creating enough cap space to lure LeBron.

Tonight just may be our final witness of LeBron, in a CAVS uniform, against the Knicks. (Knicks-Cavs Preview). Recent rumors have him desirous of donning a Lakers uniform whether Kobe is there or not.  Supposedly LeBron is interested in playing with a winning coach, organization and team according to this vicious rumor.

We all know about the 2010 plan, but somehow we forgot what the details were supposed to look like — at least those few details revealed to us outside of the general plan to create a cap space reservoir.  At this point in the year, the Knicks were supposed to demonstrate to LeBron why we are worthy because we can make him a bigger winner on a bigger stage.  At this point, the plan was to showcase two new young rising stars, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler. We were supposed to show him how we had changed from disrespected patsies of the last few years to playoff contending warriors.  Epic Fail, unless, he comes to New York despite the fact we are on our way to another 50-loss season and our showcase comprises of an all-star without a defensive bone in his body and a former-all-star trying to recover from the damaged, aching bones in his body.

Fortunately for the Knicks, they will face LeBron without Big Shaq Daddy who promised to be the ring-bearer that would give LeKing all the reason he needed to stay in Akron, I mean Cleveland.  Unfortunately for the Cavs,Shaquille O’Neal could miss rest of season for Cleveland Cavaliers with thumb injury. Shaq is expected to be out six to nine weeks after  he has surgery on his injured thumb .  But tonight we should see a much faster and more athletic Cavs team pounding the ball into the paint against the soft underbelly of the Knicks interior defense.  Without Shaq in the lineup we can also expect them to be quick on transition another weakness of the Knicks.