Knicks Lose 99-90 To Hawks: Post-Game Q and A With Hawks Highlights

Deborah Horton, managing editor of Bloguin’s Atlanta Hawks blog, Hawks Highlights joined us for an entertainiing LBE earlier this afternoon.  She fit right in, testosterone and all, with the LBE starting lineup which included host O&B, Tman, BARF, DLT, Lives and Hawks visitor, RobH on the keyboards.  After the Knicks loss, Ms. Horton joined us for a post-game Q and A in which she shared the perspective of a Hawks fan and analyst.  (Thanks Deborah and we look forward to having you hang with us again.) 


What did you learn about the Hawks in their game against the Knicks?

Jamal Crawford needs to be in the game early and often. The motion offense works very well when the Hawks use it.  Marvin Williams seemed to be making strides towards his old self in this game, which is good news for the Hawks.  The defense still let down in the 3rd and let the Knicks back into the game after having them down 20 points and the Hawks bench still not very good with only 10 points outside of Crawford.

 Copyright 2010 NBAE (Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images


What was the most critical aspect of this game from a Hawk fans perspective?

Lots more 3s being taken and going in.  It has been a real sore spot for the Hawks this year staying near 30% for most games.  Bibby, Evans, and Crawford all contributing big with shots beyond the arc in this game.

Are Atlanta fans more likely to embrace the Hawks this season BEFORE they get into the playoffs?

I think they already  have.  Attendance is up at home games and fans seem much more engaged.  Especially given the fact that the much hyped Heat have failed to be all that they were billed in the pre-season.  Hawks fans see much more of an opening in the East than maybe they did earlier in the summer.

Where do you expect the Hawks to finish this year and will they wind up better than the Heat?

I see the Hawks finishing 4th in the East.  I would say 3rd, but there’s just no guarantee that the Heat won’t get their act together and make a run late in the season. The Hawks will be in the top 5 all season and will definitely be in the playoffs…but they can’t lay down anymore at the beginning of games.  Too many 8 game losing streaks and they will find themselves watching the playoffs instead of playing in them.