Knicks Lose To Spurs To Achieve Ninth Consecutive Losing Season

Knicks 87, Spurs 97

1 2 3 4 T
NYK (22-42) 22 17 21 27 87
SAS (37-25) 31 20 16 30 97

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“Whether we win or not … everybody wants to win, but the objective is, we’d better be competing. And that’s what we did tonight.” — Mike D’Antoni

“We really have to make our shots to beat a team like the Spurs, and tonight we didn’t do it. We were reckless.”– Mike D’Antoni

“They hit that three, and that did it for us. We have to keep our motor going.” – Toney Douglas


I gotta tell you, it is really hard to find anything significant to say about a game at this point in the season.  It is what it is and what it is is practically irrelevant.  It’s almost like commenting on tryouts.  Oh wait, it is like commenting on tryouts.

For more exciting and incisive view of this game you should really check out Post Up Prince and O&B’s visit to the Spurs Cast.  They brought that great brand of Knicks Fanatics Blog commentary to the scene and it was great.  Special thanks to Jeff and Michael at Project Spurs for being such gracious hosts.  Stay tuned today though because Jeff has promised to gift us a post game analysis in Q&A form.  I also answered some questions for him about the game which you might want to check out.

–The positive about this game is that the Knicks hung in there and “played” the entire game against a better squad.  The Spurs looked very sloppy with 13 turnovers but part of the credit must go to the Knicks’ defense.

–Tracy McGrady is such a long way from being significant but you can’t help but admire his ball smarts with the ball in his hands.  Unlike Al Harrington, who is physically more capable at this point, McGrady does not try to do more than he can.  That’s a true professional.  But I think it will be very tough for him to make any good team as a starter next year.  He’s got a lot of improving to do.

–I wish I had a lost of all those who claimed that trading Jamal Crawford for Al Harrington was a good personnel move beyond the expiring contracts.  Uggggh.   It was a bad exchange from the git go, but even I didn’t realize he would turn into a total black hole.  This guy never passes the ball no matter what.  And I thought he wanted to be a Knick.

–I don’t mean to be overly harsh, but D’Antoni should be pimp-slapped by Phil Webber for waiting so long to give Toney Douglas minutes.  Toney needs to become an NBA point guard and that takes time, playing time.  He is young, has speed and defensive intensity.  This kid is a starter or a major rotation guy for a coach with a defensive spine.  Toney looked really good and had the Spurs back court on their heels, forcing them to work on both sides of the floor.

– What the hell is Danilo doing out there.  He is developing so many bad habits.  It is going to look really bad next season when he becomes a major offensive option.  He is a bad bad shot shooter.  Some players can consistently hit bad shots.  He just throws stuff up there when he is close to the basket.  And that jumper off the dribble makes me want to puke. And his defense is horrid, regardless of the occasional block and steal.  He can’t stick with faster players.  Despite his length and wide body, his lateral movement is terrible.  Get him a coach before he is absolutely ruined, please. (I like the post-up efforts though). 

I’m done.  This season can’t be over fast enough.  Bring on March Madness so I can let go of March Anger.


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