Knicks-Mavs Previews


The Knicks meet Dallas at 1pm today.  I’ll try to take in the game, but I think I’ll be preparing for the Jets game which is at 3 pm followed by the Vikings-Saints game.

My allegiances are conflicted.  I love the Jets since my fifth grade-eighth grade “I Love Cool New York White Men” phase, when I just loved renegade Joe Namath (the others included Joe Pepitone, Mickey Mantle, Elvis Presley and Walt Frazier).

O.K. I lied to be funny.  It was a “Cool Dudes With Sideburns Period” which included Richie Allen and Tom Jones.  I loved Mickey Mantle because of his role in the movie Safe At Home (1962).  I thought he was cool even though he didn’t have sideburns.     Anyway, I really love underdogs and I like the Jets and Mark Sanchez.   On the other hand,  I remember when Peyton Manning was the underdog and I love the Colts because of him and Tony Dungy, two dudes the opposite of 1960s-cool.  Back in the day,  I took the Jets in the Superbowl because everyone else had the old-school Colts and my favorite old quarterback Johnny Unitas.  (Yeah, I know Earl Morrell quartebacked most of that game).   So today,  for this website, I’m going to stick with the Jets — unless the Colts win.  LOL.

Let's Go Jets


Anyway, since I spent so much time talking football, I don’t have time to do a preview of today’s Knicks-Mavs contest.  So check out the following about the Mavs from the Dallas News:

Scouting the Mavericks

If you’re looking for a Mendoza line for the Mavs, it’s 97 points. When they score that many or more, they are 19-2 since Nov. 16. When they post 96 or fewer, they’re 2-10. … They have won six of their last seven visits to Madison Square Garden, including the last three. Last season, their 124-114 overtime win ended a horrific 2-7 start to the season. … They shot only 17 free throws in Friday’s loss at Philadelphia. Said Jason Terry: “We got to get into the paint, get to the basket and get to the [free throw] line. I shot zero free throws. That’s unacceptable.” … Terry was 2-of-12 from the field against the Wizards and is 21-of-55 (.382) on the road trip.

And check out the stats from CBS Sports:


Game Odds
Away Line Home Line
Dallas -2.5 New York 2.5
Team Standings W L Pct. GB L 10 Strk
Dallas 1st Southwest 28 15 .651 0 5-5 Lost 1
New York 3rd Atlantic 17 25 .405 11.5 5-5 Lost 1
Key Players
, PF
38.2 Min. Per Game 37.0 David<br>Lee
, PF
25.3 Pts. Per Game 19.4
2.5 Ast. Per Game 3.4
7.9 Reb. Per Game 11.4
47.7 Field Goal % 55.6
38.4 Three Point % 0
88.3 Free Throw % 78.3