Knicks Play Like Carmelo Is Coming And Lose By 27

Knicks 91
(3-4, 1-3 away)
Philadelphia 76ers 76ers 118
(2-5, 2-1 home)

Box Score Last Play:

1 2 3 4 T
Knicks 22 32 17 20 91
76ers 28 32 35 23 118

“I can’t talk about it. I won’t talk about it. It’s an easy answer.”– Mike D’Antoni on Carmelo Anthony

“We’ll just throw that one away, get our guys back and regroup for Friday night.” — Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni.

“It means he’s going to find some time. I’ve got to find some time for him. He’s played well. He’s made the case.” — Mike D’Antoni on Landry Fields

The Knicks were hammered last night.  Not only is that a reference to how badly the 76ers beat them, but it is quite possible that it is descriptive of their collective mental state as the Carmelo Anthony rumors heat up.  Of course, I’ve got no inside info, but I can speculate like an outsider and the Knicks played like they were about to lose their best friend, like they didn’t give a hoot whether they won or lost.  Amar’e was not going to play in a pre-season back-to-back, but both Chandler (calf) and Gallo (wrist) are supposedly hurt.  Perhaps they are actually being preserved for the Melo trade.  Does that mean we’re keeping Anthony Randolph?

OK that’s the extent of my OTP speculation which I rarely do, but that game last night was so fugkly (not ugly) that I’d rather write about OTP (“other team’s players” for newbie Fanatics).  Despite the Knicks pitiful play, there were actually some positives: Timofey Mozgov and Landry Fields.  Everyone, including D’Antoni, harbored doubts about the big Russian but it is clear that this man will at least be a quality back-up in the NBA.  He is active and learns very quickly. And his dunks are exciting and fun to watch.

Landry Fields gets the same compliments every game because he is just plain Steady.  Rock Steady.  As Clyde says, good things just seem to happen when he is on the floor.  Very heady player with surprising athleticism.  He has a nose for the ball.  It’s as though he has spent his entire basketball playing life paying attention to where the ball is, what it does and what it is likely to do. Very nice player with good instincts.

Unfortunately among the bad things is Bill Walker falling into that sink hole outside the three point line.  He’s got more skill and energy than that.  Perhaps he is under the impression that he will when his spot on the Knicks by being a shooter since the Knicks have few shooters.

I’m done talking about that game.  If you really want to know what some astute viewer/analyst/fanatics thought and crack up about what they said, check out the Live Blog Event: Knicks v. 76ers.



The Knicks must really be on the NBA’s radar because for the second time this pre-season two highlights from a Knicks game made the top ten plays including a reverse lay-up by Landry Fields.  What’s up with that?  Is that another marketing sign?  Is there an unwritten agreement between partners ESPN and NBA.  I don’t know, but that is mighty strange, isn’t it? . . . . Stephen Lasme, that Celtic trainee who seemed to give the Knicks some problems during the pre-season games, has been cut.  We might want to follow him. . . . Spike Lee is supposedly in the mix on this Carmelo Anthony deal.  The famous director is acting as the messenger between Anthony and Walsh kind of like what Wade did to get his tag team. . . . We miss Gus Johnson, who makes games exciting with his insight and play calling, but apparently MSG has totally cut him loose because Johnson preferred to work outside the Garden.  Who could blame him? Oh, some idiot at the Post. . . .Are you checking out the battle between Cablevision and Fox.  Fox tookout an ad that did everything but say screw the Dolan’s personally.  Now that’s a TV War!