Pacers 89, Knicks 132

Recap Box Score Play-By-Play Shot Chart Photos Conversation

1 2 3 4 T
IND (10-23) 16 26 20 27 89
NYK (14-20) 38 36 33 25 132

“We played about as well as we could play.” – Mike D’Antoni

“These guys get paid a lot of money to stay ready. It’s not like, ‘Oh boy, he [Nate Rpbninson] stayed ready.’ I would think a lot of people in the workplace would be kind of ready if you’re getting paid this money. I’m glad he did it, and he should’ve done it.”  – Mike D’Antoni

“We didn’t have the weapons or the legs to compete with the Knicks tonight.” – Jim O’Brien

[Insert over-the-top platitudes here]

Bottom line? The Knicks put a notch in the win column.  In a game they should have won, against a team that barely took the court, the Knicks bludgeoned the Indiana Pacers by 48 points. It was not a particularly amazing victory as much as it was emotionally satisfying to see some other team on the end of an arse whipping.  It matters very little that it happened with most of the Pacer regular rotation on injury sabbatical or on the bench courtesy on the great DNP.  We Won and looked efficient in doing so.
The Knicks record for the Autographed “Greatest Moments In Sports” Contest  is now 2-0 with a point differential of 52.  Can Peaceman possibly win this thing?. . . At halftime, Dustin Hoffman was giddy over the re-insertion of Nate Robinson.  Obviously he has no juice with D’Antoni. . .  .
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