Knicks-Spurs Post-Game Q&A with Project Spurs

Gallo against SpursToo bad we don’t have another chance to whip up on the San Antonio Spurs this season, not just because they look ripe for the picking even by our current collection of Knicks, but because the Fanatics had so much fun collaborating with the crew at Project Spurs.  Last night O&B and I joined Jeff Garcia and Michael A. De Leon on their pre-game SpursCast to talk about our teams.  Then Post-Up Prince joined in at the live blog.  It was on and live.

To end our festivities, so to speak, Jeff and I have exchanged post-game Q&A’s about the Spurs victory.  My answers to his questions can be found at Project Spurs here.  Jeff’s comments are below.  Feel free to holla back.  He’d dig and appreciate the responses.

1.  The Spurs did not look like a playoff bound team, with 13 turnovers, against the Knicks. What’s wrong?

Jeff/ProjectSpurs: For real? ONLY 13 turnovers. Phew! Spurs nation will take it. Can you hear my sarcastic tone? This is an issue the Spurs have had all season long. They do not value the ball and make lazy passes. For a squad mainly of vets, you’d think this wouldn’t be an issue.

This season the Spurs have coughed up the ball in one game 20 plus times. 20!  (Editorial Comment: DAMN!!)

2.   During the Spurs Cast, I suggested a trade of Lee for Ginobli and Michael jumped at it?  Why would you dump Ginobli; he’s great, isn’t he?

Jeff/ProjectSpurs: No he is great. Do not get me wrong. But Lee is young, physical, tough, and can rebound like a beast. Manu, as much as he is showing he still has it, is older, the injuries are a concern, and is entering, if not already there, in his last years as a baller.  Lee has a long way to go.

3.   Richard Jefferson has clearly not blended in offensively.  What appears to be his problem?

Jeff/ProjectSpurs: Quite simple. Not only did he leave his ex-fiance at the altar, he obviously left his game there too.

In all seriousness, from the Nets to the Bucks he was the go-to guy, if not at least the second guy to go to. Also, in New Jersey, he had a point guard that thought “pass first” in Jason Kidd. Tony Parker is not that type of point guard. There is also the issue of how complex the Spurs system is to learn. New players need a full season to finally understand the complexities.

4.   What are you guys going to do to improve this team after you are knocked out of the first round?

Jeff/ProjectSpurs: That’s IF the Spurs make the playoffs this season. First and foremost is to deal with the Ginobili situation. I say re-sign him but not for some five year deal. Second, find a quality big man at the five spot. There are talks of Tiago Splitter coming to play next season but Real Madrid is said to make a run at him as well. You know those foreign teams have no salary cap. Third, try to get rid of RJ. It didn’t work out and getting rid of him will help the Spurs get under the cap and get a quality free agent.

5. Was there anything that impressed you about the Knicks and do you have any advice to help us improve for next season?

Jeff/ProjectSpurs: You know, Gallo isn’t that bad. Sure he is young and makes mistakes but that’s expected out of a young baller. His upside is nice. During the game I liked how the Knicks fought back but it seems that if they had some veteran leadership on the court, things might have been different.


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