Knicks Sting Hornets 100-92: Post-Game Q and A with At The Hive

Last night the Knicks dusted off a winning team, the Hornets and in fact solidified their presence in the standings as a winning team in the process.   Watching closely, of course, was the top flight Hornets blogger, Rohan of At The Hive.  Rohan tells us how disappointing the loss is, but pinpoints the problems with the Hornets which were exploited by the Knicks.  At The Hive is one of the top blogs in the SBNation family and we are jacked (not Jared Jacked) to get a qualified Hornets’ perspective: these post-games from adversary blogs is even more fun when we’ve kicked booty.  Don’t forget to check out At The Hive.  We’ll see these guys again on March 2d.

At The Hive

Knicks Fanatics: What did you learn about the Hornets in their game against the Knicks?

At The Hive: I don’t think we learned anything all that new. The Hornets’ defense has been regressing for a few games now, but more importantly, the offense is just terrible. A team with Chris Paul shouldn’t be playing offense so inefficiently, and the blame for that has to go to both Monty Williams (for not designing an offensive system at all and instead letting his players run things) and Chris Paul for playing so passively until it was too late.

KFB: What was the most critical aspect of this game from a Hornets fan’s perspective?

ATH: Definitely Chris Paul’s passivity. Especially with David West out, the team needed him to pick up the scoring role. Instead, he didn’t really look to score until there were about 3 or 4 minutes left in the game.

KFB: Are you concerned that New Orleans may lose the Hornets either in contraction of just because the city won’t support an NBA team?

ATH: I think the odds are still against it, but the fan support has been poor so far.

KFB: Where do you expect the Hornets to finish this year and will they wind up better than the Heat?

ATH: My feeling before the season was that the Hornets would finish around the middle of the western conference, and I still think they’ll finish there. The early season start is proving to be something of a mirage, but this is still a playoff team. And I anticipate Miami going on a few longer winning streaks as their schedule lightens up; no, I don’t see New Orleans finishing better than them.