Knicks Strip Nets As Douglas Stars Again

Nets Nets 111
(3-4, 1-2 away)
Knicks Knicks 117
(3-3, 2-1 home)

Box Score »

Nets 26 23 32 30 111
Knicks 24 41 15 37 117

“I love it. Run and gun. I told Raymond if he gets it, I am out right away and if I get the ball, I am pushing it.” — Toney Douglas

I have to thank Aaron for the invite to watch Knicks v. Nets live. And also thank Aaron’s friends for the company and hook up w/ even better seats closer to the action.

Here’s what I saw (mind you I’m going to sleep afterward and have no stat sheet in front of me).

STAT, stepped up in what I think many on both side approached as a meaningful game. A game where I believe both coaches played to win. He had about 35 points 11 boards and was active on defense.

Douglas is a ball hawking terror and he drew plenty of offensive fouls against the Nets screeners by fighting through the screens w/ gusto. He had a good shooting night and cuased and benefited from plenty of steals and later in the game from some timely 3ball hooping. I know he is no Rondo in terms of his assist and pure guard play but he has that nuisance and disruption factor that Rondo has. It’s off course do to his defense and he has a solid shot witch Rondo lacks.

Felton played better and I liked how he and Douglas for a nice stretch caused some havoc on D and slowed Devin Harris.

Bill Walker hit some timely 3s that offset a hot handed Jordan Farmar who helped lead a Nets rally that included his tres, and nice alley ooping from Favors and Williams (I think).

Mozgov played decent D on Brook but I got to give Brook credit he is a very good and well built post player. Nice long arms and center of gravity with a very solid well filled out frame. I also like Derrick Favor’s frame and athleticsm. Terrence Williams from the Nets is very agile an froze some Knicks with his dribbling and short Js inside.

The Knicks built up a big lead with alot of good defense and board work that led to a good amount of fast break action. But also the Knicks showed more motion in the half court, players were less stagnant and were cutting and moving around more so (setting picks etc). OBTW Mozzy shows the headiness to be a decent passer in the half court. Found Felton this time out.

The Net’s rally was withstood by Walker’s 3ball, STATs heroics, good team defense and board work and Douglas fiestyness to create breaks for himself and draw offensive fouls on the Nets.

This was another pretty good showing.

I suppose STAT will rest tomorrow and Fields should see time that he didn’t see tonight. Also Gallo and Chandler should get more Burn, they didn’t get much after the first half. Chandler was pretty quite tonight and Gallo had a better game than the previous showing. He had some nice finishes in the paint and also hit a few Js.


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