Knicks (3-2) v. 76ers (1-5) Pre-Game Analysis (11/7/10)


New York Knicks

Overall Analysis and Expectations


Did you set your clocks back?  The 76ers are looking to return to better times as they come to the Garden with a 1-5 record and without Andre Iggy-dola who sprained his Achilles during loss to Cavs.  However, this is an opportunity for the 76ers who, along with Knicks, has one of the top benches in the league.  Team should not be underestimated as they seem to work hard for Doug Collins but asking them to win against a scrappy team in the Garden, even after gaining an extra hour due to DST, is a lot to ask. Knicks should be highly energized early as they have a good chance for a three game winning streak. . . . Philadelphia’s strength is apparent when team is in transition, attacking the basket and controlling the boards.  Much of their scoring will come from under the basket and mid-range.  They are most disciplined when they are not taking tres, but they may feel compelled if Knicks take large lead by remaining efficient from three point arc.


Philadelphia 76ers


Raymond Felton

Toney Douglas

Felton (43.5%) and Douglas (37.9%)   join Gallinari in a recent three point binge. Their defensive abilities will be tested again by Williams who is aggressive to the rim and suckers opponents with an array of shot fakes. . . .Douglas has been an all round revelation to most off the bench. He averages 2.4 steals per game.  The Knicks average 8.6 per game. . . Douglas and Felton must continue their aggression to the basket. . . . Philly defense suspect.  they shut down the woeful Pacers but Cleveland shot 54.7% against them. . . . Holiday is very athletic and is coming off career outing in Cavs loss ( 29 points, 8 assists, 2 steals and 1 block).


Jrue HolidayHoliday

Lou Williams



Landry Fields

Bill Walker

76ers leading scorer, Iggy, is hurt, and will see an end to his 252 game starting streak, but Evan Turner could use the time.  Turner averaging 9.2 pts and 2.5 assists in 26.3 minutes, but had 12 in blow-out win against Indiana. . . . Fields will start and will remain active on the boards and expected to continue making good decisions with ball, but with 51% overall shooting percentage, he needs to shoot more. . . . Walker stroking timely tres at 41% clip. 


Evan TurnerTurner

Andre IguadolaIguadola



Danilo Gallinari

Anthony Randolph

Danilo has awakened.  He had an awesome all around game against the Bulls, carried his three point shooting rebirth into Wiz game but was 4-9 from Arc.  He added 4 boards, 2 assists and 2 blocks in 33 minutes. . . . One day perimeter defenders will be smart enough to take away set-shot. Today is probably not the day. . . .Nocioni’s return to line-up is critical. He has been doing it all. . . .Kapono has been useless and needs to become better defender to stay on floor.


Andre Nocioni Nocioni

Jason KaponoKapono



Amare Stoudemire



Studdy v. Brand should be a nice battle as Brand has regained his energy, focus and hops.  Brand is averaging 18 points a game on 56% shooting, 9.6 boards, 2.6 steals and 1.8 blocks per game. . . . Studdy is still important to teams production as he frees up tre-shooters when he he working down low. He is  shooting 41.5% but has 5.4 turnovers per game. . . .Chandler again needs to be aggressive to draw fouls. Expect him to continue being one of the best on the floor with 17.4 ppg and a team leading 8.2 rebounds per game.


Elton BrandBrand

Thaddeus YoungYoung



Timofey Mozgov

Rony Turiaf

Knicks are doing it with defense and part of that is leading the league with 8.4 blocks per game.  Turiaf and Studdy average 2 each per game. . . .Battie recently returned from quad injury and has been effective when he has been in the game.  Had 8 points and 7 boards in 26 minutes against Cavs. . . .Hawes minutes are on the decline as he struggles to get into shape after being benched in pre-season by lower back pain. . . . Expect to see more of Marreese Speights and Brand. . . .Mozgov concerned about missing shots and his play.  Trying to get accustomed to NBA life.  Read his blog.


Spencer HawesHawes

Tonie BattieBattie