Knicks (1-1) v. Blazers (2-0) Preview (10/30/10 at 7:30pm)


New York Knicks

Overall Analysis and Expectations

Portland (2-0)  has won six of last seven games against Knicks. . . .Blazers will switch from man to zone to confuse Knicks. . . . Batum, Aldriidge and Camby to beat boards hard. . .Blazers vulnerable in paint. . . .Balanced offense from Portland — all can hit double digits



Raymond Felton

Toney Douglas

This year McMillan has Miller and Roy starting together and so far they’re playing over 30 minutes. Roy too big and versatile, popping mid-range and tres. Miller doing most of his damage in the paint collapsing the D, handing out assists, scoring.   Felton needs to be aggressive — tough after back-to-backs.


Andre MillerMiller

Brandon Roy



Landry Fields

Bill Walker

Fernandez not playing as though he is disgruntled but in New York with agent last night.  Wes Matthews can score if allowed to play.  If Fields conditioning is fine, he may start bringing ball up more and should guard Roy.  Walker strong enough but too foul prone to handle Roy. Danilo’s current demise will force the Knicks to play small.



Wes MatthewsMatthews



Danilo Gallinari

Danilo should come off the bench, but since he did not play last night he can bring more energy in more minutes. His (Field’s and Walker’s too) shooting will be needed to disrupt zone and tendency of D to pack middle.  Batum very aggressive on the boards and in the paint.  Also a nice defender — look for steals and block on his stat line.


Nicolas BatumBatum


PFAmare Stoudemire

Stoudemire should continue to be hard to stop.  He is missing the pick and roll.  Susceptible to turnovers against long team if he is creating shot’s from 11 feet  out.  Aldridge averaging 13.5ppg and 9 rpg.  Chandler may be lulled into more tre’s because of size inside and zone.


LaMarcus AldridgeAldridge


Timofey Mozgov

Rony Turiaf

Mozgov and Turiaf to face experienced duo in middle.  Camby with Batum very tough on boards. Camby averaging 12 points and 12 boards in first two games. Oberto not an offensive threat, but will have to do defensively with so many Potland bigs injured. Expect to see Turiaf early or often or Knicks will be going small much of the game.


Marcus CambyCamby

Fabricio ObertoOberto