Knicks v. Bobcats Pre-Series Analysis


Our Knicks are set to test their recently developed cohesion against the best team they will have played in four games, the Charlotte Bobcats.  Like most other Larry Brown joints, this production of the Bobcats plays defense and is aggressive to the basket. While the Knicks have demonstrated their ability to score beyond shooting three pointers, their defense liabilities are likely to be exposed by Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace. Conversely, Stoudemire should continue to be unstoppable and the Knicks will look to be equally aggressive to duplicate previous forays to the free throw line from where they won the game against the Clippers. Complete analysis after the jump.


New York Knicks

Overall Analysis and Expectations

Both teams are looking forward to the challenge as Raymond Felton faces a team he took to th playoffs last year and Larry Brown returns to the den of iniquity where he did not garner much love. . . .The Bobcats seemed to thrive from the wide open offensive game of the Suns. In addition to Stephen Jackson’s triple double others had great offensive success: Boris Diaw (26 points, six assists), Tyrus Thomas (22 points, six rebounds) D.J. Augustin (16 points, six rebounds, five assists) and Gerald Wallace (14 points, four rebounds). As Jax pointed out they sought to be aggressive to the basket and take advantage of their size. . . . New York is currently scoring 107.0 points per game and giving up 108.0 points per game. The Knicks are shooting 45% from the field, grabbing 42.0 rebounds per game


Charlotte Bobcats


Raymond Felton

Toney Douglas

This on the surface is the match-up of the game as Felton plays his old team and faces the Bobcats’ new point guard, Augustin, (12.1 points, 7.2 assists).  Most important Augustin only has 7 turnovers and 41 assists in the last five games.  Conversely, the Knicks’ are a bit careless with the ball. . . . Expect both teams to attempt to exert pressure on the ball. 


D.J. Augustin 


Shaun Livingston 



Landry Fields

Bill Walker

Captain Stephen Jackson just achieved the Bobcat’s first triple-double (24 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) in team history. The Knicks want to keep Jax and Wallace out of the paint and run them, but may find that to be a mistake given the speed of the core players including Diaw, formerly a D’Antoni favorite with the Suns. . . .Fields should have a good game but will face a very interesting defensive challenge. . . . Knicks will need to speak to each other on defense.


Stephen Jackson 


Matt Carroll




 Danilo Gallinari

Anthony Randolph

Wallace plays major minutes but is inconsistent.  At times he can appear extraordinary on the boards and can carry the team in scoring.  The team seems to lose when he fades. Similarly, Gallo is just coming into his own, but there is a sense that good defense will cool him off, especially if he does not respond aggressively.  Expect inconsistency to continue in this series.


Gerald Wallace Wallace

Dominic McGuireMcGuire


Amar'e Stoudemire

Wilson Chandler

Brown is a left-handed rotation player who can sky and dribble-drive to draw fouls.  He may have trouble guarding Gallo and Chandler.  He is  sixth among small forwards in free throw attempts per field goal attempt, fourth in offensive rebound rate and passable ball handling numbers, according to Hollinger.


Boris Diaw 


Derrick BrownBrown



Timofey Mozgov

Rony Turiaf

The Turiaf-Thomas match-up on the boards will be critical.  Larry Brown for some reason starts Mohammed but would experience greater success with the athletic Thomas at center.  Turiaf coming off knee injury may be somewhat limited.  If either Thomas or Wallace are kept under control, there is promise in Knicks favor.


Nazr Mohammed 


Tyrus Thomas