Knicks (5-8) v. Clippers (1-12) Pregame Analysis


I usually avoid predicting the outcomes of games, but one must wonder whether there is any way the Knicks could lose this game.  Perhaps there is since D’Antoni ran an eight man rotation against the Warriors, but the Knicks (5-8) take on a young and hapless Clippers (1-12) squad which misses the talents of two of its main players Chris Kaman (sprained ankle) and Baron Davis (left knee). The oldest player they started against the Pacers was 22 year old DeAndre Jordan.   Read more for full analysis and preview.



New York Knicks

Overall Analysis and Expectations

The Clippers are young and prefer an uptempo game like the Knicks but are not nearly as proficient.  If the Knicks continue to mix it up by going to the rim, they should find plenty of open tres against a below average transition defense.   Teams are shooting  43.8% from the arc against the Clippers.   Once the Knicks get a lead, they do not need to be overly concerned about Clippers coming back with tres as they are one of the worst three point shooting teams in the league. 




Raymond Felton

Toney Douglas

The Clippers love to run and may be able to take advantage of fact that D’Antoni relied on an eight man rotation the previous night.  Bledsoe is lightning quick and defensively the team loves to jump the lanes for steals. . . .Felton was awesome last night but played ___ minutes.  If he can run, drive and gun for another 30, the Knicks should be ok.  No one noticed Felton’s five turnovers amidst the 11 assists last night, but against this team he will need to protect the ball and make good decisions or he will have a record number of TOs. This is Foye’s second game back from injury that kept him out for 10 games.  Hasn’t scored much although he is one of their best from long distance.  May play about 20 minutes.


Stephen Curry 


Randy Foye 



Landry Fields

Bill Walker

Eric Gordon is leading the team with 23.2 ppg. . .Randy Foye returns with his 37% shooting from arc.  Clippers need his shot because they are putrid as a group from the tre. . . Fields (11 points and 7 rebounds per game) is shooting 58%.  He is one of the three top rookies in the league according to Hollinger’s PER.


Eric Gordon 


Rasual Butler




 Danilo Gallinari

Anthony Randolph

Gallo is finally diversifying his game and if he continues to play inside out — drive then take the bombs, he should have a great game.  Last night was one of the few times he shot well in the clutch.  Change became apparent when he was forced to mentally stay in the Denver game by guarding Melo. . .Al-Farouq Aminu is very talented but not consistently aggressive.  He likes to dunk and shoot tres but could do so much more — kinda sounds like Gallo but right now he is hitting tres at a 54% clip (13 for 24). He only averages 3.6 bounds in 17 minutes of playing time. Could be much more aggressive in his game. Scored in double digits for 4th time in five games in last loss.


Aminu Aminu

Ryan GomesGomes


Amare Stoudemire

Wilson Chandler

This has the potential of being a special match-up, especially since Blake’s game is being compared to Amar’e’s.  Blake Griffin is a phenomenal athlete with a mechanically unsound but correctible jumper, but no one can stop Amar’e by himself.  Can Amar’e slow Griffin (14.7 ppg) down or will he break out? Right now, Griffin is being slowed by double-teams. Others teammates have not responded well to that, but return of Foye could help.  Turiaf and Chandler will need to be beastly inside and not just defend with their hands.  The youthful Clippers love show dunks and occupy the interior on O. 


Blake Griffin 


Craig SmithSmith



Timofey Mozgov

Rony Turiaf

Turiaf is starting in place of Mozgov.  D’Antoni figured out how much he relied on Turiaf when he was out during the losing streak. . .Without Kaman, the Clippers have no intimidating presence inside. They average 3.8 blocks per game compared with the Knicks 7.7 per. . . .DeAndre Jordan is battling a nagging injury. He was scoreless against the Pacers as he  missed all seven of his shot attempts.  he also only had five boards in 23 minutes. 




Jarron Collins