Knicks Vicktimize TPups 132-105

Timberwolves 105, Knicks 132

1 2 3 4 T
MIN (9-37) 16 29 19 41 105
NYK (18-26) 40 28 28 36 132

“We definitely wanted to get that 50-point loss, that taste out of our mouth.So everybody was just locked in.” — Al Harrington

“We really didn’t play well against Dallas. It’s really been one of the few games in the last couple of months so once in a while it does crop up. It’s not good but we responded in a good manner. Now we’ve just got to keep it going from here.” — Mike D’Antoni

“This team is capable of doing good things but we need to bring it every single time we step on the floor.” — David Lee

Knicks Vicktimize Timberpups.  Is that in poor taste?  Is that a bad headline?  Yeah?  So, bite me.

LOL. I mean it Michael Vick couldn’t have beaten those Wolves worse than the Knicks did.   Yes, the Knicks on the opposite end of a laugher after being blown out by 50 against Dallas.  The truth is that if I didn’t know any better, if I didn’t know that Jonny Flynn was a rookie on basketball’s biggest stage, if I didn’t know that the Timberwolves were having trouble learning the triangle offense, if I didn’t know that Rambis is sort of a rookie head coach, if I didn’t think I and the tPups would be fined by David Stern,  I would have sworn that the Twolves intentionally tossed that game against the Knicks.  The TWolves gifted 22 turnovers, a combined nine from their point guards Flynn (6) and Ramon Sessions (4).  It was more comical than the Knicks’ tragic perfomance against the Mavericks.

I’m not sure there is much to learn from this game. One could say the Knicks are resilient after rebounding so well from a monumental loss.  But, another person could say that the TWolves looked nothing like our image of a professional basketball team.

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