Knowledgeable Bloggers Cooley High (Knicksfanatics) and Saipan Knickster (Knicksdefense) bring the knowledge on discussions on coaching depth and offensive depth

[Editors Note: Cooley High is another one of the knowledgeable citizens of the Knicksfanatics blog community whose knowledge is as deep as his soulful spirituality and his grace. Read his comments/insight on how some of the leagues other fast break teams have included elements consistent with the revival of team USA basketball under legendary coach mike krzyzewski. Saipan Knickster (Saipan for short) is one of the may knowledgeable bloggers who can be found at the home of our fellow indy blogger Knicksdefense’s Knicks blog located at Saipan provides the blogosphere insight into the vulnerability of the Riley-Vangundy line of defenses as they found their cryptonite in the offensive dimensions of coach Pete Carril’s motion offense]

Cooley High on the Depth of Coaching:

TMAN’S stroll down BBALL History lane is on the mark and clearly outlines how the game was played with great orchestration below the rim with movement and passing, sprinkled with a little One – On – One magic by the Great Masters of this sport.

The four teams mentioned in O & B’s LEAD, have taken a page out of Coach K’S new book of BBALL, which is built on the basic BBALL tools you can control night in and night out. Relentless Drive for perfection (The Lombardi Way, my Homie), Great effort and focus (today’s term is intensity), the two areas that punctuate the above is Defense & Rebounding. BBALLERS can control these facets. When you include the Uptempo game, like TMAN clearly illustrated, easy baskets, and quick strike offensive attacks before the Defense gets set is a smart, efficient, and effective way to play. D`Idiots saga is he did not learn from his experience with Coach K how to fuse the two. Duke and the four teams mentioned above play alike. Defense and rebounding come first, uptempo game when appropriate. Ball movement and body movement in the Half-court.

D`Idiot needs to go back and watch some ofthe Olympic Footage. The 3 Ball has its place in the game, but you better be a good Defensive team to overcome the lower percentage shot. SMACK THAT DAMN FLOOR KNICKS… Get back to fundamentals of the GAME (Running, Jumping, the ability to Stop and Start, and Pivoting).   

Saipan on the depth of offensive coaching as a kryptonite to the Riley/Van Gundy lines of defense:

[T]he Coach could mix up the sets a little more to keep pressure D’s scrambling. Pete Carril(maybe spelled wrong but formerly of Princeton and Sacto , had Adelmen and Eddie Jordan as disciples in the L) used to employ a motion type pass and cut offense that would give the Knicks D fits back in the Riley, JVG days…the defenders would often have to play most possessions for 20+ seconds.. which would tire them but lead to good shots for the O