Larry Hughes Is Jobless! (Boo Hoo) And Other Stuff To Fake Cry About

After being traded by the Knicks in that big McGrady-Cap Space deal, Larry Hughes has been waived by the Kings.  I liked Vinnie’s (of Le Basketball) take on Hughes’ releases from the Cavs, Bulls, Knicks and Kings:Larry “The PUD” Hughes Goes Out With A Whimper Not A Bang! You never want to wish a man ill, but man he can’t shoot. My fave memory of Larry Hughes, “The Brickmason,” will be the following pic:

Larry Hughes


Can’t say I’ll miss you Larry, but thanks for the memories or lack thereof. (He’s still better than Duhon.)

Windmill Dunks:

Jonathon Bender will not be with the team tonight in D.C.. He has left the team for personal reasons for an undetermined period of time. . . . Mike D’Antoni finally criticizes the effort of his prize forward Danilo Gallinari and suggests that Danilo is not emotionally invested in the team.  We tried to tell you in Leadership Class Discussion: Mike D’Antoni Ain’t No Pat Riley that D’Antoni and Walsh provided no reason to be emotionally invested in this Cap Space “team”. . . .While I am perpetually criticizing the 2010 plan, one writer suggests that the Knicks have financially positioned themselves for an even bigger move beyond attracting Lebron and Wade. See A Spending Spree For Three, then LOL . . . . In A New Shade of Awesome,at, it is recommended that the Knicks leave the NBA and become a bank holding company. Brilliant.  That would solve all their current problems. . . .Did anyone notice how much of a class act Doc Rivers and the Boston fans were when it came to Nate Robinson? This is how winners should act.   As for the fans, it was top of the line-A1 class for them to give Nate Robinson a standing ovation for his first appearance as a Celtic immediately after giving Eddie House, now a Knick, a standing ovation as thank you contribution their recent championship contention years.  Impressive. . . .Then Doc Rivers did what he said he would do. What a concept for a coach.   He just told Nate to go out and play.  And despite what may have been considered erratic play in New York (and the cause for being benched) , Doc put Nate in in the final critical minutes of the game.   Doc thinks ahead as he knows  that Nate had to get acclimated to his teammates and to learn to close situations like the one at the end of the Knicks game.  No wonder Nate speaks so highly of Doc.   I am so glad Nate is outta here.  It may not happen in Boston, but his skills will be appreciated a lot more outside of NY although the Garden fans loved Nate.    It’s the NY press and coaching staff with little love for Nate. . . .After his first practice, Nate told the press that the biggest difference from his last environment (hint, hint) is that the Celtics talk on defense as opposed to the Knicks who are basically mute. . .


A Fanatic Shoutout To JRSportBrief who almost learned some Knicks City Dancer moves before he wisely stepped aside from the action.