LeBron’s Media Tour Hits Nightline

This is an intriguing piece from Nightline as LeBron takes to the media in a clear effort to promote his brand and perhaps some other products during this very unique window of opportunity.I am extremely impressed with how this 25-year old man conducts himself and handles his business.   He has packaged himself to be far more likeable than Michael ever was and is focused on creating for himself one of the best careers ever with a solid team built from loyalty. He is not the first, but he has shown athletes that at some point one can discard the old machinary of agents and representatives to let someone else help run the business and control the money.  It is a move akin to Ray Charles controlling his music and the Williams Sisters stepping outside the junior tennis circuit.  It is extremely impressive. 

BTW. Danny Ferry has resigned as General Manager of the Cavs.  It’s Getting Hot In Here.