LeDecision 2010: Day 2 Analysis

UPDATED 6:49pm (Steve Blake off Board, on way to Lakers)

The second day is seeing a little more movement and the major tenet of free agency is holding up where most free agents are staying with their teams.

The most interesting development for the Knicks is that they may have a bite that is more than a player’s effort to use the team for leverage against his current team. The biter is Amar’e Stoudemire who has rejected a five year, $96 million (with only three years guaranteed) offer from the Phoenix Suns.  Reportedly, the Knicks have made Studdymuffin a fully guaranteed five year offer at $100 Million.   Studdy is being wooed by other teams, but supposedly the Knicks are ready to make the offer in order to entice LeBron, who was not overly impressed with the Knicks presentation yesterday compared to how he felt about the Nets.

If signing Stoudemire snags LeBron, that is a home run even if Studdymuffin’s knees give out in a couple of years.  Good investment.  However, with no LeBron in the fold it becomes a little easier to focus on the negatives of re-teaming Soudemire with Mike D’Antoni.  The first problem is that Amare did not have a lot of Amor’e for D’Antoni the last two years as he tossed not so veiled comments about D’Antoni’s lack of defense.  Also, Studdy has well documented knee problems which scares off most GMs in terms of guaranteeing five years at the max.  Do we really want to give Studdy five years without LeBron as knee insurance. Hmmmmmmm.  But, there is a feeling that the Knicks gotta come away with something and Studdy is no fool.  He clearly played this past year to put himself into the maximum financial position.  Good work Studmuffin.

Studdy will be in New York on Saturday to go over the terms and maybe give that strong gentlmen’s handshake.

I know. I know.   Some of you kinda hope the Bulls out-bid for his services.

Let’s see who else the Knicks bring along. They feel like they need a guard to go along with Amar’e and they have shown little commitment to Toney Douglas as a starter.  The Knicks will eb meeting with Raymond Felton next week.  Before the free agency period there was talk of trading David Lee for Raymond Felton.  The Pistons are also talking to Felton.

Raymond Felton?  $100 Million to Amar’e?  I like Amar’e and this is a little more positive (and I mean a little) than I thought would happen but $100 Million.  Did anyone notice that  Studmuffin plays better with a big center and even better with a big mobile center?  Did anyone notice that Raymond Felton shoots a three about as well as Larry Hughes?  He did average five assists.  PG steve Blake is unavailable as he has agreed to join the Lakers for a 4 year deal with no options.

Oh well.  We’ve got to put somebody other than Tracy McGraday on the floor, don’t we.

Staying Home

The CBA continues to keep the norm in place.

Former Knick Channing Frye just got pa-daid to remain with the Suns.   And in an effort to make up for the loss of Amare, the Suns apparently told Studdy to kiss their ass by signing Hakim Warrick to a 4 year, $18 million deal.  Dirt cheap?  A replacement for Studmuffin?  For real?

Paul Pierce re-signed with the Boston Celtics as expected.

Where is everybody?  I see lots and lots of stealth readers but nobody is talking, no body is commenting.  I’m feeling lonely? Ah, to hell with it, I’m going to write over at the Knicks Blog, where everything Walsh does is right and his thoughts appear on SNY-TV before they appear in his head.  Later.  Come on Studdy, my new invisible friend.  Let’s count your money.