LeDecision 2010: The Pre-Historic Era

Good evening folks.  Much apologies regarding my absence to those who have been following the updates.   Thank you to the Fanatics crew for making this blog jump again in both the comment section and the Penthouse.  Let’s get right to it and provide some insight into all of the moves that occured in the last two days.

Amare Stoudemire Sign and Trade

For a brief moment, I thought I had lost my mind.  Earlier I expressed doubt that Amare would sign with the Knicks for a 5 year deal worth $100 million because he was leaving money on the table.   I had suggested it may be a set-up because he would do better with a sign and trade involving the Suns.   No one else was mentioning that option at this point and the deal was reported as done.  Well, lo and behold Stoudemire is involved in a sign and trade — with the Knicks.  Walsh says the sign and trade was done as a courtesy to Stoudemire who did not want the Suns to walk away empty handed.  Based on that logic, as a courtesy the Knicks sent a $16.5 million dollar trade exception to the Suns, instead of a player, and possibly a second round draft pick.

Admittedly, I am having a hard time understanding the logic of what is being reported. Courtesy?  Why surrender more than necessary to get Stoudemire?  Wouldn’t the courtesy be to add another year on the contract as opposed to giving up another cheap, young building block?  Something is missing here (maybe my comprehension)?  Updated:  I just read that it was not a courtesy and that the Knicks saved $800,000 in this year’s cap space.  I’ll give you the goods on that arrangement ASAP unless somebody else knows how that was worked out.

This deal also signals that Lee and the Suns were clearly not a match for one another.  Earlier reports had David Lee being pursued by the Heat adn Suns for a sign and trade.  Of course that can still happen and would provide for a hilarious and intriguing story-line as bball fiends spent the next season comparing the impact of Lee and Stoudemire on their new teams.  I think the Suns would love David Lee next to the other Lopez (Brooke).

Jerome Jordan trade finalized

That seemed likely when Corey Maggette passed his physical a couple of days ago.   That was the only hold up.  Now Jordan should be on the Knicks’ summer league roster, which included Patrick Ewing, Jr. who is hustling for Pops for and in Orlando where eight NBA summer league teams are playing.  Jordan was drafted 44th by the Bucks.  The 7-footer was exchanged for cash considerations.  At Tulsa he rebounded and blocked shots while averaging in the low double figures in scoring.

Wade and Bosh to Miami

Yep, Wade was recruiting for Riley and playing double agent.  I’m not sure Riley was ever scared of the double cross as long as Wade was feeding him intel.

I have no idea where LeBron is going.  From the varying reports, at 7:10 pm New York Standard Time, I don’t think LeBron knows.  However, I do find it rather telling that Wade and Bosh did not share their salaries with the press like all of the other free agents did.  I will check again to see if they released some info, but if they both took a sizeable enough cut for a third almost-max player to join them, then it would give away the suspense, don’t you think?

Well, I think you can’t trust any intel because if I was advising the LeBron camp on this branding TV show thing, I would encourage a strategy of leaks and misdirection.  How else do you keep up enough suspense for a ten second announcement on a one hour show. (You go and pull that off LBJ).

Ray Allen To Celtics for  2 years and $20 million

You expected different? Celtics management is committed to that team which was short a big man in the finals.  I take back all of the nasty thing I said about M.L. Carr’s towel waving sidekick as a baseball player and a President of Basketball Operations.