“Like Shrek & Donkey”: The Hilarious Nate Rides Slobbering Big Baby Presser (Video)

Nate's Twitter PicNate Robinson has played an instrumental role in both of the Celtics victories in the finals.  Should the Celtics win, Nate’s rise from the depths of a 14-game detention to the Knicks bench enforced by D’Antoni to a main cog in the Celtics championship machinery will be an epic fairy tale come true.  Let Nate tell it the fairy tale would be Shrek, as he leaves everyone laughing at the post-game press conference where he and “Big Baby” describe their role in the victory and the exuberant piggy-back ride Nate took on Davis’ back.  “Big Baby” revealed that he didn’t feel Nate on his back.  And Nate quipped they were like Shrek and Donkey together.   The presser was a hilarious supplement to the main show on the parquet floor.

Most of the vocal ones at KFB are Nate Robinson fans dismayed with how “N8Gr8″ was mishandled by the Knicks coaching staff and the loss of  one of our better most passionate players for very little in return.  However, we are not the only Knicks fans rooting for Nate.  Posting and Toasting is running a poll which shows at this writing that 63% of over 500 respondents are rooting for Nate.  That is very telling since most Knicks fans are also Celtic haters.

The beauty of Nate’s success last night was the professional way that Doc Rivers and the Celtics’ leadership handled Nate’s emotional slip to momentary insanity after he was bumped hard to the ground as he tried to dribble around the pick.  Instead of removing Nate from the game, Nate was scolded and encouraged to get his haed out of the mind games and back into the game.  Rasheed Wallace of all people sought to calm him down first and Ray Allen attempted to twist his mind right.  Doc left Nate in and encouraged him to continue to direct that passion to production.  Nate did not disappoint.  The Celtics did not disappoint and proved a point Peirce made earlier about the need to get Nate out of the toxic situation in New York.  Bill Walker, who came to the Knicks in exchange for Nate, confirmed this after the season ended when he told the press that the Knicks had no leadership.

Nate had to be freed from the Knicks and the New York mainstream press.

I had been saying for a long time that Nate would be so much better on a good team.  It’s been evident for three plus years as Larry, Isiah and MickieD continued to abuse his talent to overcome massive double digit deficits instead of to create them.  Nate was always asked to help the Knicks recover.  With the Celtics, in the playoffs, he is being allowed to play with the big boys in tight games and is being asked to lead the offense.  NATE IS PLAYING POINT GUARD, something one of my friends who claimed the Knicks had no point when Starbury left failed to see as a possibility.  Nate is a guard who can run the point.  Under a disciplined offense where he understands and trusts the options, he clearly can make good choices. 

Nate’s success is not a surprise to those who have watched the growth and development of his game.    It is wonderful to see him show off his talents on the biggest stage of all after being reduced to an understudy near Broadway.