nate_robinson Thanks yall for all the love y’all, thanks for the hate too haters I love y’all too, I thank GOD for everything #wordaapp!– Nate’s Tweet

Earlier in the season, especially when Nate Robinson was given a multi-game time out by Mike D’Antoni, it was apparent that in order for Nate to thrive, he needed to be in a different environment — a place where management knew how to treat and handle players.  Personally, I was promoting a trade for Nate’s sake because in New York he was the target of two much hate (like Frank Isola’s professional insistence on calling him Lil’ Him in Daily News articles) and subjected to far more blame for the Knicks’ situation than he deserved no matter how immature he may have seemed.  Last night was both Nate’s redemption and maturation as an athlete as he got a chance to show off his considerable skills and energy on the big stage as he helped lead the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Championship.  Now his next stop is the NBA Finals.  Talk about a raggedy team to riches story.

Last night, with Rondo battered and sidelined, Nate Robinson harnessed his abundant energy to turn into an efficient replacement point guard (something many New Yorkers said couldn’t be done).  In  a critial 8 minutes 46 seconds stretch in the second quarter, Robinson scored 13 points, had an assist and  a steal, while he played strong defense on Jameer Nelson and Jason Williams. But the stats only tell part of the story about how his on-ball leadership brought great energy to a team of stars and TD Garden.

“My hat’s off to him because usually young players, they kind of mentally fall out of it when they don’t play. They just go through the motions in practice . . . but he kept his poise. . . . That’s him growing up. That’s him becoming a man tonight.” — Paul Pierce

“He gave me the confidence when he came into Game 5 . . . that he had bought into our defensive system and that he was able to run a couple sets that we thought would be effective against them, so I had made the decision before the game. I told our staff Nate would play tonight. It was great.” — Doc Rivers


Congratulations Nate Robinson.   (Will Channing Frye be next?)

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