In his one and only year at Syracuse, 'Melo leads the Orangemen to a 30-5 reocrd and the school's first NCAA crown.

It’s coming down to the wire, but it looks like Melo will force his way into the Orange and Blue. Melo won’t sign an extention with the Nets. All  Knick Fans should embraced this Top 10ER because he WANTS TO BE HERE, unlike Jason Kidd, Grant Hill who told the Knicks to “Fu#K off ” last year and Lebron avoiding the Knicks like a disease this year. Yahoo Sports stated Melo told his managment team to work on the Knicks. Former Net players told Melo about the Empty seats in NJ and the fan apathy. Walsh is reaching out to Houston today to secure a 1st round pick and discussions of Douglas, Gallo and Randolph were on the table. This is Denver’s best window to get a decent package for Melo. It looks like Melo is sticking to the “Script” that he, Amare and Paul have going on. This is good News for the knicks. Amare and Melo will put this team into the top 5 despite whatever role players we surround this mighty Tandum with. Counting down the hours and keep watching for News flashes. There may be lights on in the garden for more than a first round exit come playoff time. LGK.