Carmelo Anthony’s wish list could consist of a single destination.

Melo wants it all,” said his friend, indicating that Anthony’s desire is to play for the Knicks.

Like many clubs, the Mavericks would naturally have interest in acquiring Anthony but the team reportedly believes that New York is where Anthony intends to wind up.

Now here’s where Real GM’S Statement becomes PURE!

Without Anthony agreeing to sign an extension with the team to which the Nuggets would trade him — a rare ‘extend-and-trade’ scenario — Denver could have a hard time receiving quality offers in return.

“Carmelo wants the legacy. The fastest way for him to become a transcendent player is to get away from the Lakers (and the Western Conference), lead the Knicks to success, get that endorsement money, and be close to home (on the East Coast),” said a source. “He’s as concerned about his ‘image’ and his ‘profile’ as any player in the NBA. If he can pull this off, he’s right there with LeBron and Kobe.” How long before Melo joins our upstate practice facility? Bet the house it will be before the season. If the Knicks trade Chandler for Rudy, it will be because Rudy is a part of the Melo package. Eveyday Denver waits it gets worse for them! It’s not if, like with Lebron, it’s when? What’s your ETA for Melo?