Mike Brown Fired

Via Nbafanhouse.com :

Brown’s agent, Warren LeGarie, confirmed to FanHouse that Brown has been fired after five seasons. The news was first reported by ESPN’s Ric Bucher.

The Cavaliers‘ ownership and front office reportedly had a significant financial interest in deciding Brown’s fate by midnight Sunday, as his contract had a clause in which all of his $4.5 million salary for next season would become guaranteed at that time. Yet because he was fired before the deadline, Brown will earn just half of the salary.


Does this help or hurt the chances that LeBron James will leave Cleveland? Brown’s firing seemed inevitable since the Cavaliers were eliminated by the Celtics. If nothing else, the Cavs ownership is sending a message that they don’t think they can win with the team as it stands now and asssuming that King James resigns. I think it’s a nod to LeBron, letting him know that the team will be made in his image even more so than it was before, should he choose to resign with Cleveland. He can handpick the next coach and potential free agents signings. You want to talk about power moves? Imagine anyone else persuading a highly sought after free agent to come to Cleveland. LeBron would be a superhero if he would stay there, win a championship with the Pippen he’s always been missing and have the incoming coach by the balls. Now more than ever the ball is in his court….so to speak.