MozGov Leads Russia With 19 In Win Over Ivory Coast (0-3)

While Russia national team coach Dave Blatt announces that he is quitting because of politics, his center Timofey Mozgov has started stringing together some highlights in the World games as shown by the following video.  The Russia team is now 2-1 after MozGov scoured the weak Ivory Coast team (0-3) with 19 points on 8-10 shooting and 5 boards in 21 minutes of play. Some fans have started to breath a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, I have no tape of that game yet. But we have this, highlights from Russian win against Puerto Rican, from BadboyPav (also of The Knicks Blog).  Note our old friend Renaldo Balkman, of the PR team, gets Mozblocked in this one.  What do you think?