Nate Robinson Happy To Be Gone?


Nate Going Green FOr Remainder Of Season

According to Mike D’Antoni, the Knicks are doing Nate Robinson a favor by trading him to the Boston Celtics since they were not going to sign him this summer and were planning on reducing his minutes in favor of Toney Douglas.  It is not uncommon for a franchise to show a classy side to players on the final year of their contract so that they can put themselves in a better position to earn their next contract.  This is particularly important to vets like Larry Hughes who need the stats to help with negotiations.  However, in Nate’s case the Knicks are also doing themselves a favor, by trading him reportedly for Eddie House, J.R. Giddens and an undetermined draft pick.  Robinson, reportedly has grown weary of D’Antoni’s treatment of him including the coach’s body language and eye rolling.

It should not be surprising that Nate wanted out since his agent made the request public during Nate’s 14-game unofficial time-out on the bench.  Nate, once one of the most bubbly personalities in the locker-room, had been reduced to scapegoat for the Knicks ailments.  D’Antoni has developed a great penchant for alienating players who aren’t his pet-faves like Chris Duhon and Danilo Gallinari.  He has never been nearly as critical about them in public as he has been about Robinson, who clearly put himself in a decent position this summer by mandating the two championship contending teams he was willing to be traded to after signing his one year contract as a restricted free agent.

Recently on Twitter Nate, the Knicks most popular player amongst fans, advised his peeps not to be upset about him leaving: “N wen I’m gone just carry on don’t mourn rejoice every time u hear da sound of my voice”

Also happy to be gone is Darko Milicic ($7,500,000) who was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Brian Cardinal ($6,750,00).  Darko had been upset that he was not given a chance, as he had been  told he would, to crack the Knicks rotation.  Instead Darko sat on the bench and learned that D’Antoni does not have favor towards big men in the five slot.  Apparently, Darko will get a chance to play in Minnesota.  The Knicks are expected to wave Cardinal to make a roster spot for one of the Celtics due to arrive via the Robinson deal.