Nate Robinson is Tri-Slamma Jamma; Wins Dunk Contest For Three-peat

Nate Robinson successfully defended his All-Star Game Dunk Contest crown by beating youngster DeMar DeRozan.  In one of the more boring and unimaginative dunk competitions in recent memory, a very athletic N8Gr8 received help from a shaky Danilo Gallinari and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader to give the Knicks a little something to cheer about he twisted and turned for a couple of dunks and gained the most votes from fans and judges.



Danilo Gallinari, on the other hand, was eliminated from the three-point shooting contest in the first round. Danilo was recovering from an arm injury but decided to participate and represent the Knicks anyway. Even without the injury Danilo,who is not among the top 50 three-point shooters percentage-wise, should have been considered a long-shot. The purest shooter in the contest was Stephon Curry, who lost to world champion vet Paul Pierce. Pierce wanted to show everyone that he could shoot threes. He did. Now let’s see how he keeps his team from being eliminated in the playoffs.