NBA Look Alikes Pt 2

Here We Go! The 2nd Installment of NBA Look Alikes. This time around we venture into the fictional and supernatural. Yes you might think it’s mean but you’ll just have to get over it. Some people are a bit funny looking. Exhibit #1: Rajon Rondo



Who bears an uncanny resembelance to…………




And then we have Nate “The Great” Robinson

nate robinson green

Who Reminds Me of This Guy


He couldn’t be any other Ninja Turtle. Robinson is a little bit wreckless, a free spirit and completely loveable. The little brother that’s an overachiever and redeemable no matter how bad he messes up.

That Concludes NBA Look Alikes Pt 2. Be on the look out for part 3 coming soon. In the meantime, please tell me in the comments which Ninja Turtle Richard Jefferson would be.