New Summer Playlist Celebrates The Knicks’ Great 70s Teams

It may not seem like it sometimes because we are so critical and honest here, but we are hopeful that the right things will happen for our Knicks this summer of 2010.  We are hopeful, with little delusion, that this summer will finally be the summer where we are back on track to replicate the greatness of 1970s Knickdom. So to get us in the mood, we decided to change our playlist for the summer from the great eclectic sounds of jazz, hip hop, blues, and classical to great 1970s soul.  So when you visit us, feel free to visit our sound box to the right and get yourself into the 1970s mood.  Think of the trans-formative power of our standard bearers such as Dick Barnett, Earl the Pearl,  Clyde the Glide, Red Holzman Phil Jackson, Dave  DeBusschere, Bill Bradley and Willis Reed as you dig the fabulous sounds of Bill Withers, Blackbyrds, War, Marvin Gaye and so much more.  Enjoy.