New York Knicks: Real Training Camp Breakdown

I watched NBA.TV’s reel on our camp late last evening and I spent less time listening to pundits and rapaholics, and watched the scrimmage closely. This team will score much easier than las year’s team with out a doubt. TD, looks ready to go and I love how hard he practices, which will certainly pay dividends in real games. Plus he’s going to make Ray-Rae work hard for every minute he is given on the court… And, let me be clear I am in total agreement with AMASON, Ray-Rae is the key and I think he is going to have a career year. He just has to count down on the TO’S and he’ll be fine.

Gallo looks great great and he is conducting himself like a seasoned Vet. He’s moving effortlessly and his back seems OK, and that’s key. With STAT & ARANDY in the line-up he will see so many open 3’s, he should average 19 to 21 PPG and I truly believe he will. Based on what I saw with my own eyes, ARANDY is shooting a tad better and he has extended his range. He needs to work on his in-between and mid-range skill set cause the PU will be there for him with STAT & Gallo on the court, and he needs to work on his passing and body control, cause you can see his SKILL SET IS VERY HIGH, but his IQ is lagging behind, once it all syncs up, he is going to be a beast… The other thing I noticed about ARANDY, he appears to be pretty thick from the waist downand slight from the waist up. This indicates to me that he can play some Centers and use his bottom shelf to move some of the smaller 5’s out of the lane, plus he then becomes a nightmare for them on the offense ends as long as he keeps moving within the offense and doesn’t stay stationary…THIS KID WILL BE GOOD!!!!!!!!! smilies/wink.gif

Lastly, yeaterday’s practice did not feature WILLCHILL or KBUIKE or much of TMOSGOV, and yet the 11 interchangeables look like a good, fit, (ARANDY NEEDS A LITTLE MORE WORK IN HIS CONDITIONING), and even Shawne Williams showed a little of his SKILL SET, which was never in question, his attitude was. He looks like he’s ready to advance a bit.

All and All, I liked what I saw and I believe it is only going to get better…