Oakley, Jeter & Jay-Z Will Not Recruit LeBron For New York

Old Charles OakleyWell, it appears that not everyone associated with New York will try to recruit LeBron for the City whether it be to play with the Knicks or the Newark-Brooklyn Nets.   While Mayor Bloomberg gives the C’Mon LeBron campaign a boost, a very vocal Charles Oakley says he would not tell LeBron to come to New York because of how he was treated by the Knicks.  When Sid Rosenberg, in an interview on WMAQ radio in Miami, asked Charles Oakley  where he thought LeBron would go, the former Knick responded “I said maybe Chicago or Miami… I think him and Wade would be great together. I can’t tell him to go to New York. New York treated me bad… When I go to the Knicks games, do you know that they have somebody that follows me around to see what I say to the press?”

Although, he has no ill feelings about New York or the Knicks at all, Derek Jeter will sell you watches but he will not go out of his way to sell NYC to LeBron because it doesn’t make any sense for him to try.  Jeter compared the situation to him being recruited by Magic Johnson to go to an Cali baseball team.  “If I were going to another baseball team, how would a basketball player help?” Jeter said. “I don’t play basketball. I have nothing to do with that. . . . I don’t see how it would work,” he said. “It is completely different.”

Perhaps the biggest blow to popular efforts to manufacture tales of who may carry great influence over LeBron, Jay-Z has made it clear that his friendship with LeBron is too important to try to convince him to come to New York.  We can assume he was referring to the Nets and not the Knicks’s record when he said, “We’re friends — we’ve still gotta hang out! I don’t want to convince somebody to do something, then have to see him and say, ‘Uh, yeah, we’re 4-30 … sorry.’”


The remainder that Oakley interview is special.  He is great friends with Michael Jordan but states that Scottie Pippen was the best basketball athlete of all time.  He also states that Ewing was his leader but didn’t get his share of the blame for the Knicks not achieving Championship status when they played together.   Good read,

In other happenings, be sure to check out the new Bloguin Blog, “Eric Isaacson’s NBA Draft Blog” devoted 24/7.365 to, you guessed it, the NBA draft.  This is right up Peaceman’s passing lane, so one day soon we’ll get Mr. Isaacson to drop some pearls of wisdom on the Fanatics.

Our friends at Project Spurs seem unhappy that there may be a crumb of truth to the rumor that New York is trying to pick up point guard, Tony Parker. It is hard to fault Project Spurs for asking who the Knicks have to give to the Spurs.  David Lee in a sign and trade? Eddie Curry’s expiring contract?